Monday, April 18, 2011

I hate to brag....

....but I had the best weekend. No really, it was better than yours. So, sorry. In attempts to make up for the fact of how unfair it is that my weekend mops the floor with yours, let me tell you why it was so good.


Gaga. Monster Ball. More like Monster Amazball!

I honestly can't put into words how fantastic this show was. Without  a doubt my favorite moments where when Gaga just talked to the audience; she is edgy and wonderful and so damn honest. Oh, and don't you just love that her "monster" strongly resembles a fish from the hadopelagic zone? Be still my little marine bio nerdy heart. You had me at Paparazzi.


A lovely shopping spree/lunch and wine outing with my bestie, Ash. 

Refreshing whites at CPK: KJ Chard for Ash and a Murphy-Goode Sauvignon Blanc for me. Guess I forgot to photograph our actual lunches. Told you wine with lunch was a good idea! hehe.


A wonderful "pre-birthday" out with friends at Orchid Thai of Winter Park. (My birthday is on Easter, which I always spend with my family, so I'm celebrating my big 2-5 before and after the actual day!).

 Ash and I, as pretty as the orchids on the table. tehehe.

Mieng Kum. This lettuce wrap style appetizer that Michael ordered for the table! Peanuts, dried baby shrimp, lime (yes, you eat the peel!), ginger, onion, coconut shreds and a honey sauce of some sort. So good. I can't wait to have this again!

I ordered the Larb chicken for my entree and truly enjoyed the bright combination of flavors: fish sauce, red onion, cilantro, ginger, lime and a touch of chile. Yum.

I won't lie though...I was a little jealous over Michael's tofu pad thai. Next time, next time.


Mango mimosas at Wine Room (followed by some unpictured glasses of spicy red blends, my favorite.)


White girl dancing at Eye Spy, crammed hip to hip with 100 of my new best friends. Thankfully unpictured, 100% perfection. I love non judgmental dancing joints that play a wonderful mix of top 40 and 80's rock, whose "time to get out people" song sequence is the following: Don't Stop Believing-Journey, City Streets-Carol King, Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen. Did I mention it was perfection? 


A silly rickshaw ride back to our car, after the mandatory stop at Jimmy Jones (for moi) and a very long line for pizza (for Ash and Jenna) where we chatted with some friendly guys from Uruguay.


Vietnamese Lunch at Pho Vihn.

Fried Spring rolls for the table. 

Ashley's pork vermicelli bowl, with a chopped spring roll, random but fun!

 I had #100, which is Thập Cẩm or "Special combo of shrimp, snow crabmeat, pork roast and wonton with noodle." aka YUM. Plus, I love any meal that comes with a plate of stir-ins...I adore playing with my food!


A successful swimming lesson with Christine! This little guppy can finally breathe into the water and is nearly ready to let go of the swim board! yay. (PS. In case you were wondering-yes, I can swim...and have been since I was a little girl, I just could never do a true free crawl with my face in the water, etc and I'm training for a Sprint Tri in the fall! ahhhh.)

So, there you have it, my sad friends....the 8 reasons why my weekend rocked my socks off, and your faces off, as in: "Oh-ah-in yo face!"

Love to all,
~the, "I'm only occasionally a braggart" gal, Jess


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