Monday, May 9, 2011

Brain Dump

That's what I've been doing the last week. I had a huge certification exam on Saturday and spent practically every night for the past 14 days with my nose crammed in a textbook. I guess my theory was if I crammed my nose in it, it would somehow get crammed in my brain? Yeah. Moving on.

Regardless, my meals haven't been uber creative or lovely. A little too much take out from my Beloved Akins BBQ; this study machine runs on sweet tea! That and my infamous trashcan salads.

 Bright, colorful, random, fresh and beyond all delicious! This one was no exception.

Base layer: one romaine heart, chopped.
Next: farm fresh (literally-there are some perks to working in the boonies) cucumber and tomato.
And: not at all local but so damn wonderful Hass avocado. (I don't know what crack Del Monte is putting in their 'cados this season, but they rock my world!)
Finally: Roasted baby Yukon Gold potatoes and zucchini, smoked salmon, and feta cheese. (yes, I got tired of taking a picture of each layer. What? I was hungry!).

Oh and folks, don't be deceived. That is not my usual dinner bowl (I have one that looks just like it, but only holds about 1/3 the volume), oh no, I was eating this "dump it all in salad" in the serving bowl. Licked that sucker clean.

Oh, and how did the brain dump go? Well, bowls aren't the only things I can "lick" around here. I took a hard couple of licks at that exam and passed it. Thank you Jesus. Or roasted veggies. Or giant trashy salads.

Love to all,
~the, "it's ok to be trashy and dump on it sometimes*, but only if you are colorful and classy about it" gal, Jess

PS. *Did anyone else get my Nicki Minaj reference there? Obsessed.


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