Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's Get Trashed!

I'm really excited to introduce a new "series" on my blog today. As a single gal, who loves to cook, but whose only roommate is a 100lb mutski, I produce far too much food. I have a serious over-cooking problem. I blame it on my Italian/Texan heritage (don't even get me started on the Irish over-drinking issues.)  Regardless of the root of my issues, I don't need more tissues, I need more Tupperware!

Here lies the problem, I can only handle eating a meal a maximum of three times. That giant dog I referenced above? Pretty much the best fed dog in Florida. And I might have the highest grocery bill of any single gal in Florida. I'm not exactly proud of either fact.

In the interest of keeping my dog slim and my wallet fat I present to you my newest brewhaha: Loving the Leftovers.

Remember these pretty babies? Tasty as they were, and were again, and well, I just couldn't look at another roasted zucchini chunk after a week in the fridge.

 No worries. I'll hide it in a pile of romaine....and tomato, and onion and pepper and egg, a dollop of mayo, oh and a fishstick too! Toto, I don't think we are in boring roasted veggie land anymore!

Without any further ado, (or bad movie jokes) I give you to, the infamous Trashcan Salad.

This salad is the perfect way to use up any leftover starches and cooked vegetables in your fridge, so bring on the rice, pasta or any other veggie combo. I have been making Trashcan Salad for years, ever since I was inspired by the Rice Salad by Antonia of Top Chef Season 4. In the Uncle Ben's Instant Rice Quickfire she made a salad of rice, greens and cherry tomatoes, dressed with mayonnaise. Rice and mayo and greens? Amen. Of course Antonia topped her salad with skirt steak....I had fish sticks, it's a wash, ya dig?

I call round one of Leftover Lovin' a serious success with a side of garlic toast!

How do you deal with never ending leftovers?

Love to all,
~the "even leftovers taste good when you are trashed" gal, Jess


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