Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank You, Hay-soos!

Any nighttime adventure that ends on a quest for amazing, decant and perfect Columbia Burgers is certainly worthy of praise to the Sweet Baby Jesus.

Let's set the scene: After a long but successful day playing 50's housewives at my bestie Jenna's Wedding Shower and then a lovely family dinner we were all ready to change out of our 50's garb.  The two options? PJ's or "going out" clothes. Enter multiple text messages from some friends already stationed at one of our favorite bars and the decision was made.

(Yes, this is a tease...full recap to come soon-ish)

This girl (and the rest of the crew) hustled into jeans, heels, and cute sweaters before hitting up our beloved Winter Park hangout, Wine Room. Fast forward several hours of sipping, swirling and sniffing delicious varieties of wine and laughing with friends, both old and new, over a raunchy round of fuck, chuck or marry and suddenly it was closing time.

Closing time and the car was loaded with hungry, hungry hippos some ravenous guys and gals.  A type of hunger was roaming that would only be satisfied by street cart cuisine. After a 10 minute drive of pure hilarity courtesy of our wonderful friend Panda, we arrived at the corner where Columbia Burger usually dwells only to find an arepa stand instead. oh NO! Another kind patron informed us that C.B. had moved around the corner and soon we were in luck.

There truly aren't words, but I'll try anyways. First off this monster is the "single." Um, yeah. But don't you worry friends, I put away this bad boy loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, pineapple sauce, ketchup, cheese and chips. Yes, good ol' Lay's style potato chips on my burger. I simply eat what I'm served. And what I was served was damn amazing.

Plus a stack of sauces. I think I died and went to heaven, seriously.  The winner of these three is the unassuming middle man. Garlic sauce, the perfect topping. Needless to say the verde sauce (a blend of mildish chilies) and the "pink sauce" (that's literally what it's called, which is just a mix of mayo and ketchup) got ignored after one taste of the garlic. Le sigh [insert appropriate Colombian phrase of happiness here].

Love to all,
~the "I'm ok with the fact that my 2am snack is sometimes the best thing I eat all day and yes, I will praise the Lord over it" gal, Jess


Laura Georgina said... Best Blogger Tips

Lordy indeed, that burger makes me want to lick the screen!! I've never had a burger with pineapple before, though they do a fish sandwich (bake and shark) with pineapple here, and it's worth writing home about.

Maybe burgers are on the menu this week--I just can't promise I'll eat them at 2 am!

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