Monday, January 3, 2011

This ain't a post about black-eyed peas and greens....

....but it is a story about a wonderful New Year's Eve meal.  Traditionally, as a child NYE meant bonfire parties, 1000 plus piece puzzle building and huge helpings of BEPs and collard greens, all mixed up with rice and hot vinegar.

Oh, how times have changed. Now my friends and I have started the tradition of getting all glammed up, scoring reservations at a swanky restaurant, and indulging in a beautiful (if pricey) meal to welcome in the new year.

For 2011, we returned to the start of this tradition (from NYE 2008), Orlando's beloved Moonfish, smack in the middle of Restaurant Row (that is Sandlake Road if you are familiar with Otown).  Moonfish is a great surf and turf restaurant with an Asian flare, known for fresh fish, melt in your mouth steaks, great service and a fantastic happy hour.

Speaking of Happy Hour, since our reservations were for 6:30pm, we arrived a little early and took advantage of the half price cocktails in the bar, while our table was being prepped.

Cheers to what a great year 2010 has been!
I had a dirty gin martini, of course. It was wonderful.

Speaking of are my beautiful friends:

Ashley, Jenna and Patty. You know our group is going to be the life of the party when the four of us (plus the silly, unphotographed boys) get together!

Ashley wanted to try my martini, since I was raving about it.

Nope, still not a fan. "tastes like salt water, ugh"

Our fun and playful (not to mention patient! we had a party of 18) server.

You have a love a restaurant that not only has beautiful menus, but provides the exact origin of the fish being served that night.

Not to mention that Moonfish has a fantastic wine list, too. Jenna and I split this lovely Malbec.

We loitered over drinks, and fun stories from the year before dinner was served. 

Swordfish ala Oscar. 
Divine. Beautiful. Orgasmic. Lovely. Fresh. Mind blowing. Perfect.

What a great "last meal" of 2010.

After happy hour cocktails and free flowing wine, things got a little silly. There was a balloon, and well...I'll let the pictures explain:

Love to all!
Happy New Year from,
~the little GRITS gal, all grown up and celebrating NYE in style, Jess

PS. I loved this picture of Sarah and Ash at dinner, so I just had to throw it in. My new DSLR rocks!


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