Monday, January 10, 2011

The Top 5 Reasons Gville Needs a P.F. Chang's, according to The Semi-Abnormal Gal

I know, I know...I don't usually tout the qualities of a chain restaurant, quite the opposite actually.  That being said, I do really enjoy P.F. Chang's for a few reasons (5 actually, if you didn't catch that in the title!) and I'm getting sick of bribing people to go there with me when I'm in Orlando/Tampa/WPB, because honestly, beyond the 5 items I'm about to list, well, it's just Americanized Chinese Food, with a continual 25 minute wait for a table, no matter the location to you go to. (hello run on sentence! Help me grammar Nazis!)

And with that cheerful intro, let's do this thing.

#1 Who doesn't love two giant stone horses welcoming you at the doorway?

#2 While there may be a wait for a table, the bar is usually promising for grabbing an empty seat, and a quick drink. Such as this lovely "Szechwan Mary" complete with a salt and pepper rim. Yum.

#3 The most satisfying won-ton soup I've ever had. Hello mushrooms, spinach and water chestnuts. Oh and did I mention it's served family style? Yes, my friends for the meager price of $5 you can have serving after service of hot, tasty soup. Oh, or just share it, like it was intended...sharing, right, I'm an only child.

#4 Ma Po Tofu. My favorite tofu, hands down....even if it gives me a tummy ache sometimes (I'm discovering I have a slight soy intolerance, which luckily is only annoying at this point). Crispy on the outside, melt in your mouth soft and oozy on the inside (they use silken tofu and fry it!) all tossed up in a spicy sauce and served on a bed of broccoli.  Oh and this massive meal (I get 3 servings out if it), served with brown rice, is only eight bucks! Yes, I can get a dinner, lunch and a 2nd dinner for under 10 dollars. Love it. I need more of this tofu in my life, upset stomach be damned!

#5 I love any restaurant that promises me that all my dreams will come true, in bed. Thank you P.F. Chang's, thank you.

So there you have it folks, the short list, albeit a rather convincing one, of why I need a P.F. Chang's should open locally.

Do you have any "restaurant" needs?

Love to all,
~the "yes, I have specific tofu needs" gal, Jess


Monica said... Best Blogger Tips

Lol! Love the two giant stone horses! Best Chinese restaurant feature I have seen by far.

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