Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Bye to 2010.... were a good friend.

It's that time reflect on the past, get ready for the future, and drink more champagne in the present. New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday, because as I've said before, it is the one holiday that unites the entire world in celebration. For this one night, it matters not what race, religion, gender, sexual preference, taste in music, style of clothing, or beverage of choice defining us. We all bid adieu to the previous year and lean hopefully into the next, longing for new beginnings, fresh adventures, and more memories.

Um, and it's also time to check in with those goals I set 365ish days ago, for 2010. Let's just say I was a little insane lofty.  I blame it on the peace and serenity that comes from Christmas Vacation. Well, that and I'm a born overachiever....but I didn't achieve quite as much as I planned in 2010. Let's tally up the damage: 

The Semi Abnormal Goals from 2010 (read the full descriptions here, if you are so inclined)

1. Be more charitable
2. Practice more yoga
3. Get a passport and use it
4. Run a 5k and a 10k
5. Read a new cookbook each month
6. Go riding more often (both horses and bikes)
7. Take better care of my hands and nails

So, how did I do?

1. Success!  Even though I didn't end up blogging about specific charities, I contributed to multiple causes over the past year, plus as the Beta Club Sponsor at the high school I teach at, I organize drives for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and Relay for Life (American Cancer Society).
2. Fail. I was attending one vinyasa class at my gym semi-regularly over the spring and summer, but once that class was canceled, my mat hasn't left the trunk of my car.
3. Major Fail.  I just applied for my passport two days ago! But the good news is my bestie Ash and I are doing a 3ish week tour of Europe this summer...stay tuned!
4. Semi-Success. I ran the 5 mile leg of the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Relay back in October, but haven't really run since, just little 2 mile jaunts around the neighborhood.
5. Major Fail. I still haven't finished reading that Top Chef cookbook that Jenna gave me for Christmas last year! I did start subscribing to both Cooking Light and Food and Wine, in addition to all the blogs and dailies I get via email, but reading the books didn't happen. I'd like to re-approach this goal again in the future, but not until some of my education certification things are finished.
6. Major Fail.  I bought a bike rack. It's still in the box. Yep. Also, I haven't seen a horse in the past year either.
7. Success! While maintaining nail polish chips (because chipped nails irk me to no end) is a little time consuming, my hands look much nicer, I can't chew my nails anymore because of the polish and my nails are much stronger now, too.

What else did I do this year? Enjoy the review:

Traveled: (stateside, of course!): to Charlotte (x2), DC, Orlando and WPB (countless times)
Celebrated: birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, engagements, life!
Built: an abarnment, aka studio apartment from the studs up
Taught: my crazy, but wonderful science students
Read: some really great books (I promise you a separate post on this one!)
Lived, Loved, Cooked and Ate (and drank!): 'cause that's what I'm all about, and I don't think you can have those 4 separately

What are my goals for 2011? You will just have to stick around and find out! Happy New Year, my friends. Let's make it a great one!

Love to all,
~the life loving gal, Jess


Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

Dying to hear the 2011 goals! And reading one cookbook a month sounds NUTS- I think overall in the cooking department, you rocked 2010. Lots of love and happy new year! xoxo

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