Friday, January 1, 2010

Ring it in......2010!

Hello all and Happy New Year to you!

2010 hasn't even been with us for 12 hours yet and I already know it's going to be a great one, in-spite of the gloomy, rainy and cold (for Florida!) weather outside.

My best friend Jenna got engaged last night so I know this will be a year filled with wedding plans and my very first bridesmaid dress! I am beyond excited about this, not only because I love both Jenna and her fiance, Jesse (yes, she fell in love with the "male version" of me...haha, inside joke, sorry!) but also because who doesn't love helping to plan the biggest and best (hopefully!) party of your best friend's life!

But what about this Jessi? I always look forward to "new years" be it the actual January 1, the start of a new school year or my birthday (since I treat all three of them as the start of something new and fresh, since well, they ARE the start of something new and fresh). So if you are wondering what my "resolutions" are this year, well I don't have any.

Before you yell, "What? Jess is crazy, I'm unsubscribing" (please don't, fyi! I love all of you, my precious 8 readers!) let me explain.

I don't actually like the idea of a resolution, which according to what good ol' Marriam-Webster basically says, if I took the liberty to paraphrase, which I am: a decision to change one's ways.

Well, I am actually pretty happy with myself and my life right now, but one can always improve one's self and I'm certainly no exception. So without further ado, here are my GOALS for 2010 and beyond! (please go back and read that in the Buzz Lightyear Voice if you didn't the first time, ok? Thanks!)
  • Be more charitable: I vow to give to a charity each month or at least make a purchase that contributes towards a charity. For example: Charity: Water where a 20 dollar donation will give an individual in a developing county clean water for 20 years! I'll be telling you about the charity I give to each goal to to give to at least 12 different causes this year.
  • Practice more yoga!: As in a lot more yoga....I'm aiming for one to two classes a week and then 1 to 2 nights of home practice as week as well (these can be self led, podcasts or sequences from Yoga Journal, etc). I'm also aiming to read a lot more yoga literature, starting with finishing Light on Yoga by Iyengar (I'm read some passages, but I want to finish it and read Light on Life this year too!) I also want to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training program, but I'm not sure if this will be in 2010 or not, as it depends on my primary teaching obligations and the advancement of my own practice. If any of you have done or are current enrolled in a yoga teacher program I'd love to hear from you!
  • Get a passport and use it!: Duh. I'm thinking somewhere in South America? Although I do have a friend in that would be fun!
  • Run a 5k and a 10k: these are pretty self explanatory, right? I'm thinking the 5k in the late spring and the 10k in the fall. Help keep me on track ok? Feel free to ask me how my training is going!
  • Read a new cookbook each month: I used to read cookbooks like I read my smutt novels (which is frequently!) but I've stopped for whatever reason. My goal is to really read some of the classic books, and improve my technique. I'll be trying to give you a review that each month also. I'm currently reading the Top Chef cookbook, that Jenna gave me for Christmas.
  • Volunteer more: Enough said...but more specifically at Camp (Camp Boggy Creek-my 2nd home, of which I've been far too absent from the past 2ish years), at races and any other local events. I'm thinking about taking advantage of some of the Disney Volunteer days too!
  • Go riding more often: both on my bike (and I'm contemplating getting a road bike this year...but I need to "earn" it first) and on horseback. Little known fact on this blog, but I used to ride hunter-jumper all though high school (and no, I don't have my own horse), but now that I live in my hometown again I'm not far from the stable I took lessons at. I need more hours in the day...with sunlight please!
  • Take better care of my hands and nails: Yes, this is random. But last year I vowed to wear sunscreen daily, actually wash my face twice a day (yes, I know, I know....I used to only wash my face in the shower and if I didn't shower that day, well, I didn't wash my face. Gross, I know.) and use day and night time moisturizers and it really has made my skin glow, not to mention I feel better about my aging and skin cancer chances! But I've still been neglecting my poor from this point on I'm going to do a better job with them! Besides, who doesn't want to have a goal that includes getting more manicures! hehe.
So, there you have it, my new goals to work towards for 2010 and always. What do you think? Crazy, random, on target? Do any of your goals mirror mine? I'd love to hear about it!

Enjoy your first day of January!

Love to all,
~A goal oriented gal, Jess


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are good well-rounded goals. Good luck with them, sweetie. This year, we will work together and push each other into the right directions. I'm blessed to have such healthy, motivated people in my life. It keeps me on the right track.

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