Thursday, January 21, 2010

Super Massive Black Hole

So, while it is apparent I have been grooving to Muse on Grooveshark at work, I do feel like the internet and the blogosphere are my personal super massive black hole. I end up spending too much time reading everyone else's posts that by the time I start to consider writing one of my own I'm done.

I've been questioning why I am caring on with this blog. Part of it was that I've had What's Normal, Anyways? for going on 6 years now (it started on xanga and I moved it last spring). It has taken some twists and turns and of course some hiatus, which is a lose term, since I'm not the most regular of know, in case you hadn't noticed.

I had some pretty sweet posts from when I worked at the CDC and had lots of free time. I had lots of thought time that summer too, which was great. I guess that is part of the reason why I keep a blog at all, a place to get my thoughts out and hey, if someone else likes them too, the more the merrier!

I think I get frustrated reading the success of some the other bloggers out their because they have such a following, but on the other hand they probably deserve it because they actually post regularly, have some set theme and well, are just more devoted than I am.

They don't call me Jess the Mess for any ol reason (and not just because that is my name too!), I kind of am a mess, in the most lovable way of course. But honestly, my interests are all over the place, from dance to horseback riding, yoga to biking, this stupid desire of mine to be a runner in spite of inability to run a mile, still! I love to read, I actually love to write (not that you get any great samples here) and oh, how I love to cook. I still have to urge to go to culinary school one day, but I don't think that is going to fit in with the whole, I'm a teacher gig. Oh and did I mention I'm a work a holic? And now I've lost my train of thought, not that I really had one going in the first place.

But in spite of some quandaries about where I am going with this "blog-thing" as my Mum calls it, life is well in the House of Jess. I actually got to the gym this week, although not tonight, since it has been storming all, freaking, day and's been the longest "short" week at work, but by my own doings, since I'm up to my ears in Beta stuff, managing three different classes plus a teacher aid (who while sweet isn't the most ambitious gal in the world) I have a teaching test on Saturday, which I am a little freaked out about and really having a hard time "studying" for, because a-I have never been a studier and b-how the heck do you study for a standardized test you have never seen before? oy. Says the teacher. And what fun, I get to do it again next month too. (ps. that was all said in a crazy, manic kind of way.....I'm not being snarky, I'm just sleep deprived!)

And I think this this post just hit an all time low, I'll sign off.

Good night, John-Boy.

Love to all,
~The I really, REALLY need more hours in the day, Jess


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