Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Step Up!

hey folks!

sorry I haven't been around much on the blog scene as of late (Either here, or commenting on all your fabulous lives) but I've just been busy LIVING. And honestly, that makes me so happy, that I really can't say that is a genuine apology.

In the past week I have:

*Worked until at least 5pm every night (and in case you were wondering, I go in at 7 everyday)
*Planned and executed the first Beta Induction ever held at the my high school of employment. I'm super happy to have gotten that program active again. You should have seen how excited the kids were to be sworn in all official like!
*Went to a step class (can't wait do that again this week! So fun!)
*Went to 2 spin classes- love that....even if I wasn't sure if I could walk the first morning after. Oh and my arse still hurts....I guess I need some of those stylin' bike shorts with the build in gel ass pads! hottness.
*had a spa day with the Ya's and received my first facial. Which would have been awesome, accept I had a bad reaction to the mask. No permanent harm was done, but my estician was so cute, she goes "Um, so don't EVER get a chemical peel ok?" No worries, the idea of having my skin burned off does not appeal to me at all!

And all that was on top of my normal work duties and meetings, etc. Honestly though I LOVE being busy like this and can't wait to plan my workout schedule for this week. Tomorrow I'm hitting up the Hogtowne Medieval Faire with some friends so this weekend is just flying by. I do have tons of food to share with you guys and a few Orlando restaurant reviews from last week, but they will just have to wait for now.

Since it is the end of the month, here is an update on some of my 2010 goals.

Fitness: going strong with the new gym membership
Charity: I have contributed to Haiti relief in a few different ways this month, so I think that will be my unplanned charitable contribution for January.
Cookbook: I'm still reading the Top Chef cookbook that bestie Jenna got me for Christmas. I am going to try and finish it this week and pick a recipe to make. Stay tuned for that one!

Love to all,
~the busy bee, Jess


Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad that life is going well and that you are busy and having fun!

AL said... Best Blogger Tips

good for you, miss busy bee! I leave the house at 6 every morning and may or may not have been working for about 2 hours already, leave work by 3 or 4 and have just enough energy to make an easy dinner and crash at home! love you!

A(shley) L(egg)
aka AL
[not some creepy guy named Al! :D]

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