Friday, January 1, 2010

Blogger Bowl!

Hi all,

It's New Year's Day (or night now, if we are being honest, and of course I am!) and you know what that means...a whole day's worth of college football bowl games! So, in the celebratory mood that all this rough and tumble play puts me in here are some "bowls" I've recently enjoyed!

The "oh so amazing Chicken and Cheese Ravioli with Cauliflower and Newman's Own Sauce" Bowl
The "well, at least you tried to make a peanut sauce beef and veggie stir-fry" bowl

The "holy crap, Jess ate cold cereal for the first time in 6 months" bowl. (and now I have to finish the rest of this box some how too....oy!)

The "man I love breakfast in a bowl" bowl (this consisted of my usual scrambled egg/egg white mixture topped with Ch0lula Sauce and ketchup and then smothered in grits.)

What is your favorite "bowl" food? The best bowl game you watched this season? Or perhaps did you go bowling? hehe!

Love to all,
~a bowled over, Jess


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