Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Camp is wonderful....

....but makes for strange eats.

So, I was down at Boggy Creek (please, just for your and mine entertainment go back and read that to the tune of "down at Fraggle Rock! Oh wash your cares away...down at Fraggle Rock!") for their 13th BPOE, Best Party on Earth that is! Once a year Camp Boggy Creek invites all it's families for a 5 hour event full of games, food, fun and a crap ton of prizes! Serioulsy, the kids were rolling out with board-games galore, books, NASCAR bobble heads, stuffed animals, even rollerblades! Plus all the art projects they created (especially the sweet hemp jewelry I was in charge of!). And if seeing really happy kids wasn't enough of a draw us camp staffers get to visit with our past coworkers and attend a sweet staff holiday party after the massive clean up. So, without further ado or lead in I give you 48 hours of camp craziness, aka, did I really eat that?

Christine and I set off for Eustis, FLA after I rushed to her house on Friday (in December mind you) after work in attempts to beat the Gville traffic. We were not successful. After a few wrong turns, two ridiculously messy Publix subs (ohhh Publix Deli, I LOVE thee!) that I could not photograph in the car to save my life and a new found use for console cup holders:

[Yes, my loves that is 2, count them, 2! Once you Pop the Fun Don't Stop, Pringles cans. Different flavors, of course.]

We arrived at camp! Oh beloved CBC, how I had missed you. After painting the banner, walking cabin row about 5 miles worth and then a long heartfelt chat on the campfire benches about how camp has changed us and how we have changed since camp ('Stiner and I were co-counselors in the summer of '06. That's nearly 4 years ago, holy shit!) we collapsed into bed and slept like the dead, a truly deep slumber that can only be reached at camp.

After being awakened at 7:15am by the blaring of the 1812 Overture down cabin row we stumbled into warm clothes and the dinning hall for a surprisingly decent (but unphotographed) meal of scrambled eggs, grits and biscuits. Plus hot tea, for me!

Actually, other than this picture of C and I trying to look excited after breakfast (we were, no worries....the dark circles just didn't look to convincing) I didn't take any more pictures because the hemp table was BUSY fo sho!

And by the time we had finished breaking down all the tables, booths, games, miles of lights and holly garland and other Christmas decorations including full size reindeer and a seriously oversided rocking horse all I could think about was hot food and a shower. Now before you think Boggy starves it's volunteers, I did manage to eat 1/2 a hot dog (ugh!) before a kid knocked it out of my hand with a very overzealous braiding action and 2 amazing chocolate chip cookies that prevented me from totally crashing, but needless to say by 6:45pm I was ready to chew my own hand off, or perhaps a few fratboy's heads off...which ever came first.

So off in Bonnie (C's car) we flew to Sanford to our beloved Moe's! This is funny because we either ate Moe's or Publix Subs nearly every night off from camp, so we got both covered in about 27 hours.

One Instant Friend Quesadilla with pinto beans and all the amazing dipping options, plus a shared cup of queso, I mean crack, later I was happy and ready for my next goal, a shower!
Back at Camp and now both full, showered and looking pretty damn attractive by camp standards with White Elephant gifts in hand we walked to the host's house to relax in rocking chairs by the fire pit with old friends and amazing White Russians in hand.

Seriously folks, does life get much better than this? I thought not.

It can get a bit more entertaining I suppose as the White Elephant Gift Exchange (like the Yankee Exchange, if you are familiar with that) began. Here are a few of us "floor dwellers" repping '06!

Afterwards, Joe and Christine wanted to light their matching 1 dollar (fugly) Santa Candles. In the bonfire. Yes, it is hot.

But, ahh, the sweet smell of success (and slightly singed knuckle hair):

3/4 of Y12 made it to the party! Love you girls. Summer of '06 love.

And speaking of Summer of '06 lovers, check out this motley crew! Not a bad showing for "old" staff members!
The party began dissolving shortly after this photo was snapped, so we wobbled, I mean wandered back to our cabin for bedtime. ("Christine, why are you sitting on the floor?" "I'm not sure.")

The next morning we said our goodbyes jumped back in the car homeward bound with only one really thought in mind: Dunkin Donuts.

Well, I have mentioned that camp isn't really that close to civilization? That Moe's was 25 mins away, and in the opposite direction from which we were traveling. So, back to trusty Publix it was.

Donuts. yum.

Protein Juice. Yetch. (in my defense, I didn't not realize this was a "protein shake" when I bought it. I was drawn to the mango on the label and clearly did not read the 30g of protein.) If you like to eat straight protein powder you might like this....otherwise stay clear.

Luckily I had this lovely little darling to wash away the icky protein-ness.

Yes, I like fussy water sometimes. Deal with it, people!

And so, concludes my recap of camp, from nearly 3 weeks ago. Some healthy food blogger I am.

In the words of wonderful Nate, "I'll try to do better next time."

Love to all,
~A camp makes me come a live kind of girl, Jess


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Sounds like you had a good time!

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Aww! I miss camp!

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christine must have a mazda!

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