Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day Light Savings Listening List

Herrrro my dears! It's a beautiful spring-like day here in NorCenFLA. And the best part about spring like days, is spring-like weekends. And do you want to know the very best part about this spring-like weekend?

You do? I knew I liked you, friend. Yes, you guessed correctly. The best part of this spring-like weekend is that Sunday, March 11th is the first day of Daylight Savings Time. Horray, horray, horray!

Wait. That wasn't what you guessed? And what did you just ask? Why am I excited about losing an hour of sleep? Well, because I love sunshine. I mean, I am a a born and raised Sunshine State Gal after all. And the best part about an extra hour of daylight for the next eight and a half months is I have more time to be outside soaking up fresh air and vitamin D.

What? You still aren't convinced? Oh boo. Well, how about a fresh playlist to enjoy during the extra hour then? You know, something to light up your ears, as the sun lights up your day. Yes, I'm cheesy. No, I'm serious. Ok fine. At least you do like music. We'll call it a compromise.

Florence and the Machine-Shake it Out
Drake ft. Nicki Minaj- Make me Proud
Neil Diamond-Sweet Caroline
Kanye West & Jay Z- Ni**as in Paris  (this is the explicit version-consider yourself warned)
Flo Rida ft. Sia-Wild Ones
Dia Frampton, ft Kid Cudi-Don't Kick the Chair
David Guetta, ft Nicki Minaj- Turn Me On
Beyonce- Schoolin' Life
Christina Perri-A Thousand Years
Journey-Don't Stop Believing
Y.C., ft Future-Racks
Say Anything-Every Man Has A Molly
She & Him- Gonna Get Along Without You Now
A Day to Remember- If It Means a Lot to You 
Fun. ft Janelle Monae- We are Young

Some if it is new. Some of it is old. Some of it is getting overplayed on the radio already. (but I promise I was listening to it first!) All of it will be perfect for an extra hour of light to read by the pool, run an extra mile or two, or just cruise around in your car, embracing the golden rays of sun.

Happy Spring Forward, friends.

Love to all,
~the music and sunlight lover gal, Jess


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