Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sanaa Makes Me Say "Ahhhhh"

An optional title for this post would be Fatty Fatty Moo Moos go Carby Carby Moo Moo 

Bestie Michael came up with the term Fatty Fatty Moo Moos for our group of friends, because we all LOVE food so much and are always going out on quasi extravagant dining outings together. (or at home, Michael is a great chef!)

But when this Fatty Fatty Moo Moo gal heads to Sanaa it is all about the carbs, specifically these beauties:

Warm, ghee drenched Naan will you marry me? Well, I guess we won't be monogamous, because I do tend to wander over to spend equal time with the Onion Kulcha and the Paneer Paratha too. Actually that is a threesome I can really get behind. Is that ok, Naan? We can invite these guys too:

Woah. I still write a food blog, I promise. Not one of those websites. Back to the yummy bites.

Even after the bread and dipping sauce orgy I had no problem making room the in bottomless pit I call my stomach, when this beautiful platter arrived in front of me.

From the Vegetarian Sampler: Paneer Cheese and Spinach, and Spicy Peas, Chickpeas & Potatoes with Five-Grain Pilaf.

It might come out from the kitchen in neat bowls, but nothing stays orderly around this messy Jessy gal. (Yep, I'm a huge fan of entropy...well, and playing with my food. duh.)

In fact no one at our table went home with empty stomachs or clean fingers. The spread at Sanaa is so simple, so satisfying and yet filled with such complex flavor profiles.

It's any foodie's (or Fatty Fatty Moo Moo's) afternoon delight dream lunch.

Now, when this herd of Moo Moo's take on Sanaa we really have no choice but to finish out the meal with this divine little cup. 

Oh Chai Cream, how are you so refreshing yet silky and rich? And Sanaa, why are you literally breaking my heart by taking it off the menu?

And our dessert's dessert? Why some giraffes and an ostrich!

The giraffes were particularly active and our party of 6 ended up spending nearly an hour out by the fire pit watching the animals and gossiping about food, fashion, career changes, technology and basketball. Just another Sunday afternoon for the Fatty Fatty Moo Moo crew.

Love to all,
~the, carby moo gal herself, Jess


Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

That was a fun day! I loved spending it with you and the gang! :)

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