Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Disney Dining: Sanaa (and Zebra Butts!)

Little known fact to most people who live outside the boarders of Buena Vista, Florida, aka Mickey Mouse County, is that many of the Disney resorts have restaurants open to the public ("public" meaning non-park going/ resort staying patrons).

One such restaurant is Sanaa, a self-proclaimed work of art, serving "African cuisine with Indian Flavors"located at Kidani Village of the Animal Kingdom Resorts.  Well, we all know that I love ethnic foods and art, plus this is bestie Michael's favorite restaurant in all of central Florida, so obviously I was stoked to go....but I really didn't care if the food was horrible, I just wanted to see the zebra butts! 

oh, and the giraffe butts!

What was that? You wanted to know how the food was? oh, ok...well, I guess I did have a pretty fantastic lunch, while enjoying the simulated African Safari outside our window-side table.

We started off with the infamous "bread service.

From the Menu:

Choose three you say? What is this word "choose?" What is this limitation "three?" Not when your bestie's step-mum is the special events coordinator for the resort. High rollers, babycakes, high rollers.

I pity anyone who would have to choose between the beautiful, bright flavors of the sauces, and the diverse textures and flavors of the breads. My favorites were the Papadum or the Paneer Paratha breads, with the Cucumber Raita and Tamarind Chutney. Can I just eat this everyday?


For my lunch I was immediately drawn to the Paneer Cheese and Spinach option of the Vegetarian Sampler.  I randomly got the Sambar to go with it, since that was something I'd never heard of before, with basmati rice.

This was so good! You know I love to play with my food, so I thoroughly enjoyed this meal: Playing with extra naan to make the perfect bite...dipping the bread in the sambar, adding a piece of cheese, topping it with some chutney. Repeat. Play with rice. Repeat. Yum.

Michael chose off the more "popular" section of the menu: 

He got both the shrimp dishes, which were very tasty. He also got a side order of the Five Grain Pilaf, and I now know that is the way to go for my starch choice next time. And yes, there will be a next time.

Cindy, Michael's step-mum, eats at Sanna countless times a week, so she got her favorite, the Tandoori Shrimp. 

She also shared a bite and it was so good! So, maybe next time I'll get the Tandoori Chicken (which was my second choice....I just love Paneer too much to not to get it!) with a side of the pilaf, of course!

Michael insists that you cannot go to Sanaa without getting the Chai Cream for dessert, so of course, we got the Chai Cream for dessert!

I love that the spoons come chocolate dipped! Possibly my favorite part of the dish. This was a wonderfully cool and creamy way, with the perfect touch of mild spice, to finish out such a rich and vibrant meal.

That and more animal butts!

Love to all,
~the "I don't know what I love more: drooling over amazing food, or drooling over cute animals" gal, Jess


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