Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stealing from Whole Foods: A Double Theft (with a hummus bonus!)

This little thief has been at it again.

I love the hot Lima Bean and Tomato "salad" at the Whole Foods bar, but I'm usually too busy woofing them down my gullet to be discerning with my palate and figure out which flavors make this dish so delicious and comforting.

Thank goodness Krissy of Make it Naked  is a slower eater than me. She already had these WF beans all worked out and ready for home kitchen cookin'. So I did what any self-respecting food whore would do. I stole her recipe. Which she stole adapted from the Whole Foods bar itself. Hence why I'm worse than your average thief. I'm a low-life, and incredibly well fed, double thief.

So, to make this batch of Tomato-y Lima Beans I followed Krissy's Large Lima Beans in Tomato Sauce pretty much to a tee. My only tweaks: I didn't have any parsley on hand (sniffle) and I used fire roasted tomatoes, for an extra kick!

And maybe all the wrong proportions? I swear this batch of beans was reproducing right there on my stove! The nerve! 

Um, yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is 4 massive Tupperware containers of beans. Oh and this was after I had a giant meal of them and took some to my parents, too. Sheesh.

After a week of beans for lunch, I was getting sick of my beloved limas. And I think my 4th and 5th block classes were getting tired of geese loose in the classroom. (Yes, I just stole that term from Mama Pea. I am going to have to spend a lot of time in confession soon.)

And what is a girl to do with a never ending supply of soft and flavorful, protein packed giant limas? Make Lima Bean Hummus of course!

I simply whipped up the rest of my leftover limas in my blender with 3 cloves of garlic, a few torn basil leaves and some olive oil. The result? Velvety, tangy and um, really garlicky. Oh well, I was never on Team Edward anyways. (And now I just steal beg for gum from my students. It's a perk of the job!)

What have you stolen for your plate lately?

Love to all,
~the, "a foodie's gotta do what a foodie's gotta do" gal, Jess


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