Monday, September 19, 2011

The Isn't Chowder

This recipe isn't light.

Don't let the veggies trick you.

This recipe isn't healthy.

This recipe isn't really made for a hot 'n steamy, stormy, summer evening.

This recipe certainly isn't vegan.

Hell, this recipe isn't mine.

But, this recipe IS damn good. And you should make it. No really, go make it.  

Are you still sitting there? Oh, you need the recipe. Mea culpa.

I stole this amazing corn chowder, topped with BBQ grilled shrimp and applewood bacon from another Jess, of How Sweet It Is. Oh, after she stole it from her mom, who stole it from a newspaper.

See, stealing is good sometimes sharing is caring.

I basically followed her recipe, only tweaking the heat, with the addition of a diced, fresh jalapeno pepper and some Louisiana style hot sauce. Oh and I ran the ol' "motorboat" immersion blender through it before serving, because I just had to get another item in my kitchen dirty.

Hey, they don't call me Messi Jessi for nothing!

There are a lot of things this chowder isn't, but a let down it's NOT.

Love to all,
~the "when isn't it a night for soup?" gal, Jess


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