Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

4 women.
1 man.
2 dogs.
And 1 incredibly memorable weekend.
(with virtually no pictures to prove it. now that is a good time)

So take my word(s) for it:

In a hot kitchen.
It was a hot mess.
But a damn tasty one.
Oh and wine.
Copious amounts.

Scrambled eggs with leftover fondue cheeses.
Pumpernickel toast.
Playing on the man's ipad.
Possibly obsessed with ipad.
Not sure why I need an ipad.

Migrate to pool.
Bad-ass margaritas.
Spray sunscreen is amazing.
So is Pinnacle Whipped.
With rootbeer.
Rainclouds roll in.
Guac Time!
Back to pool.
Who cares that the ball is deflated?
I'm a Hors. yo.

Light the grill.
Made this.
Concoct amazing orzo pasta salad.
It will be made again stat, will share recipe then.
Grill chicken, tofu and veggie skewers.
Pour wine.
Copious wine.

Loaded Questions.
Dirty Minds.
Proof: worry stones, tummy, how they walk, stanky leg, humor, multiple partners, chef,, President George W. Bush, Hearts and Lips, Monogrammed Bottle of Lube, my principal (boss), hair scrunchies, our first unchaperoned date, Great American Status, you smell like my dead grandfather-yummy, puss in boots, Lady and the Tramp

Ginnie Springs.
Crazy Rednecks.
Coolers too big for their floats.
Two cases of Yingling.
Wannabe Publix Subs in the Prius.
Cute Pharmacy Boys.
Dusty feet.
Great Outdoors.
Free Beers.
BBQ Pork on Nachos?

Blastin' Gaga and Brit-Brit.
Heavenly showers.
Fudgie brownies with whipped cream.
Gypsy weddings!

Veggie Feta Omelets.
More ipad.
More Gaga.
End of weekend.
You know where you are going?
Love you.

There you have it folks. Yet another, my weekend is better than yours post. 

I.Have.The.Best.Friends. Period. 

Love to all,
~the, "why isn't every weekend 3 days long? I could get used to this" gal, Jess


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