Sunday, June 5, 2011

So, this is what being a teacher feels like...

My first class of "babies" graduated last night.

Each of the 56 seniors that walked across the grass last night holds a special place in my heart. Yes, it was an incredibly small class this of the smallest in the last 20 years at my school of employment and yes, we still hold graduation on the football field, classy. Most of them I taught for the last two years. Some were only in Beta with me and a few just figured out my class was the place to be, and I kept having to kick them out of my classroom during bell changes. 

Was the ceremony a touch too long? Was it hot, humid and nat-ridden? Did it take up what should have been my first Saturday night of the summer? Was I sick and suppressing sniffles and coughs the 2.5 hours we sat on the field, surrounding our senior class? Yes. 

Would I have been anywhere else? No way. For someone who used to claim she "hated kids" I love this bunch of brats incredible young men and women and can't wait to see them succeed in their own way.

Love to all,
~the proud "momma" teacher herself, Jess


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