Sunday, February 7, 2010

IKEA Trip/ I really want this to be an Abarnment update!

Hello loves and home decorators!

Welcome to another sad attempt a writing a "nesting" post. I can only dream of being as amazing and stylish as my favorite couple John and Sherry of Young House Love, but nevertheless here we go!

When in Rome you must visit the Vatican. When in Orlando? Well you MUST visit IKEA (Espeically if your shopping partner in crime, aka Mom, is an IKEA virgin)!

It was actually lunchtime when we arrived, so we hit up the famed food court- a first for me too!

I was actually really pleased with some of the healthy options available for lunch. Check out what I scored:

Open Face Egg and Shrimp Sandwich
Paired with, Organic Green Pea Soup:
Rye bread topped with lettuce, a tomato wedge, hard boiled egg slices and salad shrimp. So light, so tasty. This thin pea soup was AMAZING. You all know what a soup a holic I am, but this was so well flavored and surprisingly filling too! I would totally go back for this.

Mom and I also split this little indulgence in the form of a Princess Cake:So pretty and so tasty, filled with whipped cream and raspberry jelly. This little beauty was very sweet though, and I couldn't finish my half!

If you haven't had lunch at IKEA yet, I would totally recommend it! (there are plenty of other hot options too). And any guesses on the grand total? Including my Mom's Buffalo chicken wrap and a bottle of water (I just filled up my green bottle at the water fountain) and tax: 11 bucks! Oh and I loved that it was all served on real dishes, with real flatware and glass glasses!

Fueled up, we wandered the showroom- I love how detailed they get in all in set ups! too cute. and found some great steals in the market place.

Mom and I found 2 possible fabrics for the curtains once the abarnment is finished.

My couch is green, so we are trying to tie in the green theme. I think I'm leaning towards the birds/leaves a little bit more, which is cool, since it is $2 a yard less than the $7.99 yard olive print. Which is still a great price on tapestry material.

And then, I got really excited!

See, my Dad and I are having a stand off over the flooring of the abarnment. I really want laminate flooring, because it is more long lasting and easier to clean than the linoleum he wants to install. But Dad thinks it is too expensive, so he challenged me to find it for less than a dollar a square foot....there are plenty of options available hovering at the dollar mark, but $1.05 is not a dollar says my thrifty Irish father.
Thank you IKEA....I can have my laminate after all! :)

In terms of the actual abarnment progress, it is really starting to go quickly now.

We installed the bathtub the other weekend (still need plumbing of course though!) and that was a funny, but easy process thanks to our front loader tractor.

To be honest I haven't been of much help recently, but Dad has been working away and now has all the framing done (I haven't taken new pictures though, sorry!) and we are just waiting on the windows we ordered to arrive.

Fun, fun!

Love to all,
~the building "houses" is fun when I get to go shopping, Jess


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

1). I love Ikea furniture; I can't wait to actually visit a store one of these days.

2). Your lunch looks delicious.

3). I really like the fabrics you've picked out. They're very "you." Modern but still nature-centric.

4). Hey, now! I love John and Sherry, too, but I thought WE were your favorite couple. Boo!

5). :D

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