Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brain Food!

There was no Saturday sleep in for this Messy Jessi today...oh no, I had to go take my General Knowledge Test (for my professional teaching certificate, I only have a temporary one right now) and dummy me scheduled the test for 8am when I thoughtlessly registered for it back in December. Oh I got up with my normal 5:15am alarm and whipped up some stick with you protein power for my 4 hour long test: The test was 4 sections long, but I passed, fyi! It was pretty easy...that and I had these two guys on my side:

They were really the stars of the show, but made a quick omelet of Southwestern Style Egg Beaters and a slice of American Cheese. Which is know is probably the most processed combo on the face of the planet (well-other than Hot Pocket Breakfasts-but I like those too! whoops) but it really makes me happy and I haven't make this since I was living in St. Pete.

Plus my peanut butter boys atop a piece of whole grain toast. I ordered these two last week- my grocery store only carries the chocolate varieties and since you know how much I love my crack- White Chocolate Wonderful I was itching to try some other flavors (I've had them all now except for the plain). I love spicy stuff and I remember Allison raving about The Heat is On, so I for sure wanted to try that one, and come on...who doesn't love maple syrup?

I liked the Heat, but found it lacking the sweetness I associate with PB....then I had the brilliant idea to mix the two! HEAVEN! have to try this! I can't wait to make a waffle and egg sandwich with my PB boys, but I'm out of waffles for right now.

After I finished up at the testing center and was excited to get my passing results right away this time- I had to wait after my bio test last month I decided to hit up the gym and actually use the workout clothes that have been riding in my car all week. (yes, I missed all my classes this week-but I did have a giggling night of Wii Fit with my young fun fabulous teachers which was more exercise for the soul, but soooooo needed and worth it.) Anyways, I found some treadmills upstairs that I like by Woodway. They are different than other treadmills I've run on (you know, because I have so much experience being a gym rat- NOT) and I think I can actually deal with running on them since they seem bigger and springier, which I need to do if I'm ever going to run this bloody 5K I've been talking about for nearly 8 months now. Rah.

I did a mile run/walk 0r really walk/run if we are being honest....but I don't think I've run once in the month of I'll take what my legs and lungs will give me and then hopped on the kick back bike for 40mins of random hills- level 10, my FAVE. I'm not a gym rat, but if I could do this workout everyday I flys by cause I pop on the top 40 music channel and read my novel (Currently reading: Strawberry Fields by Marina Lewycka and loving it! Full review when I'm finished...actually I owe you guys quite a few book reviews, but then again I owe you guys a lot of stuff! haha....I'll try to make a day of it soon!) Those hills just burn so good!

I was starving by the time I had cleaned up so I zoomed (well as much as one can on a Saturday at 1pm in Gville) over to Panera to get some lunchola!

Chicken Fuji Apple Salad- my favorite! and pretend that Tomato Bisque is Clam Chowder instead- I'm recycling this picture from the day after I took my Biology Subject Exam, which ironically was the last time I had Panera for lunch....I'm starting to see a last Saturday of the Month Pattern here! haha. Anyways, the tomato soup is better, but a-I didn't know that because I've never had the clam chowder before and b-I wanted a hearty, creamy soup cause it's STILL COLD!

I picked up a box of Tagalongs from some Bratty Girl Scouts (no really, they were bratty-their mom's were nice though) and brought them over to so share with Christine and Ross. I forgot to take a picture, but this is what they look like:Times FOUR- whoops! Soo good. I left the box with Ross so I didn't make it times 16! haha.

Now I'm off to work on some lessons for next week- Solar System Time, yay.....sorta. I'm a Biologist, remember? haha. Oh and plan my Caribbean Summer Solo Holiday! More details on that later......(Cliffhanger time, yay!)

Love to all,
~the exam passing, cookie eating, gym rat- Jess

EDITED TO ADD: No Caribbean vacay for me this year....I can't get a cheap flight to San Lucia after all. Major boo....maybe next year. The Body Holiday awaits :(


Biochemista said... Best Blogger Tips

I looooove Girl Scout cookies! I can never stop after eating one either, lol. My favorites are Thin Mint and Samoas.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

That salad looks so good. Might need to make that my lunch tomorrow.

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