Friday, February 12, 2010

Stay at Home Stubbies

Happy Friday Folks!

It is a COLD and rainy, flat out nasty and dreary night here in NorCenFLA so I nixed my plans to drive into Gville for my original plans of joining Christine for Body Pump taught by the fabulous Brittany followed by some Stubbies time...but in addition to the icky weather I am just recovering from a all week respiratory crap thing-which was truly ironic considering I was teaching the Immune System to my 11th graders this week. Life is grand. And funny!

So after rescheduling with my love, Christine to do Body Pump on Monday (I'm very excited, this will be my first time "pumping"!) and some dinner, since we both have the day off (President's Day) I was thrilled to come home and snuggle into my sweatpants, pop a Sweetwater Blue (or 2!) and then tuck into this treat:

Stone Crab Claws!

One of my Dad's students brought him tons of these babies, so this won't be the first night we get to indulge in a little shellfish. Oh and it's pretty perfect, considering lent starts this week!

These puppies were pretty big, this one was as big as my hand!

Sweet, sweet success. Oh yum.

And now I have sucessfully written and addressed my Vday cards for my girls- which will still be late, considering Valentine's is Sunday...but hey, I love extending's kind of my thing!

Time to crack open one of my last Sam Samuel's Holiday Brews and relish in the Winter Olympics opening ceremony!

Love to all,
~So happy it's a long weekend for this teacher, Jess


Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay! So excited to see you tomorrow!

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