Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stubbies Recap- Stubbies Recap

No, my pet parrot did not write the title of this post. I sat down to tell all you lovelies about my lovely night at Stubbies on Friday and relalized I had never done a post from the last time I visited my favorite drinking establishment in Gville. Whoops. Although, for you 8 loyal subscribers (who rock my socks off, fyi! Thanks for hanging in through the randomness that is my life!) you know this isn't truly that shocking.

So, let's quit bemoaning my obvious consistency issuses and get on to the point, er, post.

Before we hit up Stubbies Christine and Steph joined me on a "spur of the moment" girls night out to see the Groovaloos. (I use quotes, because this spur of the moment thing was definitely planned 6 nights in advance. What can I say? We are busy women!) I love dance, having been a dancer for most of my young years (I danced from 3 until I was 14 and then have taken adult ballet on and off for several years) and it wasn't too hard to convence C & S too, after all, all three of us are pretty obsessed with SYTYCD and ABDC. The hip-hop dance troop did a one night stop at the Phillips Performing Arts Center in Gville and it was such a great show! It was so awesome to see Steven Stanton (aka Boogieman) actually dancing. He was shot in the spine in LA and was diagnosed to never even walk again! I remember reading about his injury in Dance Magazine, so it was so incredible to see him doing his thing! He even did one number without the assistance of his cane. So inspiring! If you get a chance, do what you have to do to see the Groovaloos show, it will blow your mind.

What better way to rehash the mind blowing amazing-ness than with a few brews? That's what we thought too (well, Steph had early morning Vet School responsibilities, so she had to decline on the beer drinking).

I was craving something sweet, so I started off with this dark stout that claimed to be double chocolate.

Fort Collins Double Chocolate Stout

I keep forgetting that in the beer world "Chocolate" doesn't necessary mean sweet. To be perfectly honest I didn't enjoy this beer. It was just too much for me. Too dark, too bitter, too ugh. I think if I had this one at the end of the night I would enjoy it a bit more, but I'm not sure I'll even consider reordering it.
Luckily my next order up was a hit! Ryan helped me pick it out (that is his finger in the picture), since Stubbies is still carrying a pretty large selection of holiday season beers and I've been enjoying all the winter flavas!

St. Feuill Noel Ale

In my opinion this beer was everything a brew named "Noel Ale" should be. Smooth and tasty with pops of wintergreen, citrus and smoke. Such a great follow up to my bummer first choice.

Instead of indulging in the normal bar food I unearthed this bag of sour gummi worms from my purse. (you just never know what you will find hiding in it's depths!)

The staff got a real kick out of us nooshing on sour worms (ps. sorry for the extraordinarily bad picture, I had to lighten it in iPhoto so you could even identify what we were eating!). One of the barbacks, Mike, helped us eat this bag and I will gladly share with that cutie! Got to love a great bar with cute, sweet help!

Fast forward a couple weeks (or rewind to this past Friday night) and you will once again find me occupying a stool like the Stubbies Fly I am. It was a well deserved night out however, after the ass (whoops, butt! I gave up swearing for Lent, but it's not going so well, obvs) kicking, and arm kicking and chest kicking and well, you get the picture, I got at Body Pump. So far I am really enjoying that particular class, and there is nothing like a workout to allow you to really enjoy a beer or two!

Gville has a local brewery now, called Swamp Head. I actually was able to sample their products at the Medieval Faire the other weekend (I owe you guys a post....stay tuned!) and really enjoyed them so I was pretty pumped to see that Stubbies is now carrying Swamp Head. It was a no brainer then to make my first beer of the night the Swamp Head Cottonmouth

Here are the stats and a write up from the website:

Cottonmouth is brewed using traditional witbier ingredients, however, we ferment it using a Belgian wheat bier yeast that produces higher levels of esters. The result is a unique Belgian style wheat bier with a hint of the fruity esters found in a German Hefeweizen.

Belgian pilsner malt, wheat and oats

New Zealand organic Hallertauer and Saaz hops
Freshly-ground coriander and Curacao (bitter orange pee

Production Targets:
Original Gravity: 11.5 Brix
IBUs: 10.5

Alcohol By Volume: 5.0%

Swamp Head Cottonmouth

My thoughts? Light, smooth and oh so drinkable. I have to find this by the 6 pack, because this is the perfect summer beer! Hello floating down the river with this darling! (oh, ps. I wasn't two fisting this beer, nor are you seeing more doubles...Christine got the same draft!)

I was sitting across from the seasonal beer coolers, so all those festive ales were just calling my name all night. I had finally decided on the Anderson Valley Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale, when Jay- my current fave bartender (Vinnie is a great guy too!) pointed it it was now on draft! Hells-yeah! After some commotion with the gas lines, this beauty arrived before my eyes (and lips!)
Anderson Valley Winter Solstice

This golden baby really hit the spot with a tart sweetness I can't quite describe. Christine took a sip and winched, which means it is a "jess beer" for sure! I will hunt this one down to have in my own fridge come holiday time next year. Oh so happy!

After the last sip was, well, sipped we set off in search of substance outside the realm of Stubbies pancakes. I know at one point I said I could never get enough of them....but a girl has to branch out now and again. That and Ross (Christine's BF) was really hungry since he had met us at the bar after his 11pm shift at the hospital ended.

We walked the whole block (!) over to a little Cuban hole in the wall called Flacos. It is a Gville bar-food staple and was totally worth every slightly greasy/salty bite. Oh and I love their attitude:I feel the same way!

Christine and I split the Media Noche, which is a traditional Cuban on sweet bread (ham, pork swiss, pickles and mustard) with a cream cheese pastry on the side.

Holy Yum! I would go back for that tiny pastry alone. Expect to see Flacos more often!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Now this beer drinking teacher must get back to the grind and the presentation writing!

Love to all,
~a slurpy burpy, Jess


Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

I need that sandwich and that tasty looking summer perfect beer now...please??

Lauren @ BIOCHEMISTA said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Jess!

Thanks for saying hi on my blog :-) LOVE meeting other science (and social! ha) girls out there!

Your blog is great :-)

Have a great week! -Lauren

Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

AAAH I miss going out in Gainesville! We have got to become FB friends- I have food pictures galore. :)

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