Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It truly is better to give than receive...

...and that isn't just the guilty line I had my Beta officers slather the toy drive collection boxes with (which was really successful....so there!), I whole-heartedly believe in this statement.

Yes, I was once the child that started her Christmas Wish List back in October (I am an only child-and I am spoiled, but not a brat....there is a BIG difference!), now I start my gift list in August-or frankly whenever I start seeing items that inspire me and I want to share with my friends and family.

My favorite gifts to give are books, kitschy kitchen ware and my famous gift bundles. Said "gift bundles" are usually a bag, basket or decorative box filled with themed items. For example, one year my bestie was going on a back-packing trip to Europe, so I did a mini day pack with a couple travel guide books, and a survival kit for the plane ride. ya dig? she did!

Sometimes though, I actually get crafty. Or as crafty as this not so artistically gifted gal can manage. I have a few "crafty" Christmas projects in the works, but as some of my readers are the recipients for these gifts, I can't give those tips away just yet.

You are in luck though, I made some simple but fun and personalized birthday gifts earlier in the season, and if you are a last minute gifter, this idea might just work for a beloved on your giving list.

I started out with one base item and after a trip to Michael's ended up with two unique gifts for two very different ladies, whom both happen to celebrate their birthdays in the same month.

Here is how I pulled it off:

Two identical, but plain flower bud vases from Urban Outfitters
(clicky for the exact item, if you end up being inspired by semi-crafty-ness)

An assortment of flowers, feathers, thistle and dried lavender becomes....

Two beautiful bud vase sets, perfect for a mantle, centerpiece or dresser topper. 

Bright, bold, eye popping Gerber daisies for Christine and sexy, subtle and earthy purples for Ashley. 

I didn't want to give these away. Which means they were the perfect gifts.

And yes, this is as "crafty" as I get....I put silk feathers and such in a pre-made vase set. Love me, love my lack of art skills.

Love to all,
~the "I love giving gifts, even if they are only semi-homemade" gal, Jess


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

These turned out gorgeous! I love the simplicity in the "doing" but the outcome was way more. I especially love the feathers & thistle. This is my kind of craftiness.

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