Friday, December 24, 2010

Secret Santa Gift Exchange- From Washington to Florida, with Care

So, I was that kid that loved pen-pals (thanks to fbook, my American Girl Pen Pal, Kat and I still stay in touch a few times a year!), the "mail the cat around the world project" and of course Secret Santa exchanges. Needless to say, when friend and fellow blogger Amber told me about the Secret Santa Gift Exchange back in October I gladly signed up and then promptly forgot about it.

I mean, all I had to do was choose a $15 gift to send to another blogger, whose contact info I would receive later on, and mail it in time for Christmas. No long handwritten letters, sticky collages or cheesy pictures with a stuffed cat and writing in a "travel-log" before shipping to the whole thing off to the next kid in line. This was going to be a snap.

Then I got my contact info for the gift exchange. I was to be the Secret Santa for Krista, of Daily Happenings. Turns out Krista is an awesome Mom of two lovely boys and loves art and requested "crafty items" as her gift. (Me, being me I just said "surprise me" back in October).

Oh no, craft items? You just saw the extent of my craftiness the other day, and well, I didn't want to let Krista down, and figured a $15 gift card to Hobby Lobby would be kind of a cop out. Oh wait, and we don't even have a Hobby Lobby in Florida! Needless to say, I came up with a little something, something care of Perpetual Kid, which I'll let Krista tell you about here.

I was pretty anxious then when I got my package all the way from Washington State, that Krista would have sent me a lump of coal, in response to my lack of crafty themed gift, and the woman totally knew how to win my heart, through my oh so sweet tooth.

Yum, yum, yummy.  Candy cane brownie mix, hot chocolate, a Christmas mug and chocolate spoons? Hello sugar coma. Oh, and perhaps there was a bag of Reese's candy, but you didn't really want to see a picture of that now did you? Oh, you did? Well, sorry. I ate them. So, I'm actually not sorry.

A big thank you to my Blogger Santa Krista! I'm off to bake those brownies for my favorite Christmas Eve Party of the year!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Bloggie Good Night!
~the little blogger elf herself, Jess


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