Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Change is Good...

....and good can be so tasty.

Or rather change is guaranteed to be tasty when you try something new at beloved Liquid Ginger.

See, I visit Liquid Ginger with decent regularity (say, once a month?) and I always get the same thing. The oh, so, decadent but light "Veggie Saute." 

However, at my last visit, since I convinced Steph and one of her fellow vet school pals, Jane to try LG as something new, I figured I should follow my own advice. So, in the spirit of new things I perused the Asian Saute portion of the menu and chose:

Garlic Hot & Spicy Chicken described as chicken wok-stirred with peppers & onions in a sweet chili sauce.

Here we go:

Miso soup and ginger salad as the traditional starters

Spicy chicken is served! 
the sides of the day: roasted sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, pickled zucchini and ginger noodles.

Overall I really enjoyed the chicken and veggie mixture. The sauce was a tad bit salty and could have been spicier in my opinion, but it was a nice change from the straight veg and tofu rut I've been in for the last year or so! While I would order this dish again, I'm still craving wok cooked vegetables drenched in that luscious vegan coconut cream sauce. Anyone down for another LG run? Anyone?

One thing I will not be ordering again is this bizarre take on sake.  I think they called this the Moonbeam? Based on the sake menu description I thought it was going to be sake infused with coconut essence?

Um, yeah. 
This was a pina colada gone wrong, and I'm not even a fan of good PCs. 
Sake FAIL.

Moral of the story? It's good to try new things, even when you have a favorite dish in mind preset in stone. You might not always find a new lover, but new friend is good to have.

Love to all,
~the "change my mind if you can" gal, Jess


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