Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Singing the Blues...

 (Please read the following in a sexy, Barry Manolo kind of voice)

Hello ladies. Is a overly brothy soup got you down?

Turn that frown around, and sing the blues, baby.

The blue box blues.

For this successful makeover meal I strained the chicken, veggies and other "goodies" from the soup, reserving the broth for my spoiled pup. I then prepped the mac and cheese per the box instructions and mixed in the soup "guts" with the cheese, etc. I added a little more milk than usual, but I never measure out the milk, so it was probably an extra 1/8 cup, if that?

This might not be the most photogenic meal ever, but it worked for me, especially when pared with a chopped salad and some random tortilla chips.

Another successful meal turn around, and not a moment too soon. I was ready to sacrifice the entire soup pot to the dog!

Love to all,
~the "yes, I found a way to eat two of my favorite food simultaneously" gal, Jess


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