Sunday, December 11, 2011

Keeping It Real

So, I call myself a "food blogger." Or at least I do when I'm trying to rationalize why I take seemingly random pictures of meals and have started trying to convince my friends and family to go on lunch dates, since the light is so much better in the afternoons.

But let's be honest. I'm not really a very good food snob, and sometimes it seems that you have to consume/design/critique elevated eats to be a "food blogger." That leaves the other option to explain my inclination for food photography; the equally dreaded/famed label of "healthy living blogger."  I mean, who else obsessively documents their "fuel intake" via photograph?

Well, while I do write about vegetables, (because I genuinely like them) and occasionally compete in races (but that is really for the metals and post race beers) I would not consider myself a role model for a healthy lifestyle. Oh and it's very rare that I share my "daily" eats on the blog. (because let's be honest, I don't have that kind of time, and most of the time I eat leftovers all week of the recipes I do post)

As additional supporting evidence to my non-case, let's talk about this week. I didn't workout once. I had take out for dinner twice and bought subs for lunch. I've consumed half a bag of Reese's Trees all on my own. (and plan to take down the second half very soon) Oh and I slept for ~ fours hours a night. Well, six on Thursday, if you count the fact that I fell asleep on my couch with a study guide on my face for two hours.

So, in the theme of keeping it real (and analysis of what "type" of blogger I am) on Saturday I indulged again, with Loaded Veggie Hashbrowns from the 43rd Street Deli. With a side of chiclit and Swiss Chocolate flavored coffee.

Normally this meal wouldn't make it onto the blog. It's nothing too special, or pretty for that matter. But it's tasty. And I'm trying to keep it real here. And normally I'm not in Gville on a Saturday morning at 9:30am, hungry and all by my lonesome after passing another round of teaching certification exams. (I'm finishing the requirements for my professional license, since I was not an education major. Oh the joys of career changes.)

Also in the spirit of keeping it real, here is what my breakfast actually looked like, before I shoved it down my gullet. (because what "food blogger" says "shoved it down my gullet"? Classy, I am.)

Yes, that mess is pre-masticated, I swear. And yes, my observant dear ones, it is drenched in not only ketchup and hot sauce, but also syrup. I know it looks like the aftermath of a frat party, but trust me, hashbrowns of any variety covered with this condiment trinity are truly a gift from the food gods. (and yes, I did once have a fellow university classmate tell me that my breakfast wanted to make her vomit, after I pulled a similar trick in the dining hall one morning)

So, what was the purpose of this post? Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn have a clue. But a lot of my actions in life feel a bit like this post. Unguided, quirky and down right delicious, even if a bit messy and not always picture perfect.

And while I still don't know what "type" of blogger I am, I do know how to keep it real.

Love to all,
~the "I'm really real" gal, Jess


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