Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Impulsive Half Marathoner-Here.We.Go!

I survived the Expo. (Unlike most racers, I'm not a fan of expos mostly because I suck at asking for free stuff.)

 Photo credit: Meals and Miles

I have my gear laid out. (Which is not the gear I had indented on using...considering one week ago I was sweating my brains out-and a significant volume of tequila-on my 12 miler)

And I have a sweet sign. (Care of my beloved Christine...who impulsively joined me in St. Pete for the weekend...see, we were impulsively destined to be besties!)

Love to all,
~the "hey, so I'm actually going to be covering 13.1 miles tomorrow, you know, in a race" gal, Jess


Mrs Swan said... Best Blogger Tips

Updates!!!!! :) I am loving reading everyone's recaps!

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