Friday, February 24, 2012

This Post is Brought to You by the Letter S

Because S stands for:

Spectator Signs and Science Show and Tell, duh.

It's been a busy week over here in Gal Land, and I've been dying to share my thoughts on my first time spectating a race, but first I had to make brains.

Yes. I said, make brains. Behold:

 Just a little mixy-mixy- with some boiling water,  a trip overnight in the fridge in an oiled mold and voila! I give thee brains! Muahahahah.

The heart one didn't firm up. Turns out the recipe on the mold calls for more water than the recipe on the jello box. Lesson learned. I got both the brain and heart molds from which is one of my favorite  "stores!" It is jam packed with all kinds of quirky items which make great gifts and as a teacher, fun pranks for my kids!

I wish I had a picture of my biology student's faces when I took a bite of "the brain" after telling them all about Kuru! (a nervous system disorder like Mad Cow Syndrome that has been observed in Papua New Guinea after ritual brain consumption) I had convinced the class that the brain was real; that I had gotten it on loan from UF so it was pretty priceless. Ahhh, Science Show and Tell.

Now, about that race spectating. 

See, in the races I've done so far I've had some amazing spectators:

But I'd never actually been a spectator myself. However, last Saturday both Anni (who came to my first tri and took up running afterwards, she was so inspired by all the competitors) and my bestie Christine with her boyfriend Ross, were running the 5 Points of Life 5K, which is a part of the 5 Points of Life Marathon Weekend, one of the biggest racing weekends in Gville. Needless to say, I was pumped to test out my spectator skillz

And we all know that a good spectator comes with fun signs. So, fun signs we made! (we being my Mum and I...Anni is her best friend. No worries, friends. I don't just talk in third person like a crazy royal!)

 Mom, showing off our handiwork.

We finally found our racers and all three of them were super pumped to get this party race started! (and no we didn't have to stand around in the chilly pre 8am air for an extra 35mins before finding them because I super over estimated how long it would take to find parking. I don't know what you could possibly be referring to.)

I really enjoyed this experience because I got to see some of the "behind the scenes" of the race.

Like the start, with the bike leader:

And how fast the starters are:


I missed getting a good shot of Christine and Ross at the start...they were really flying and I wasn't prepared, but I love this one of Anni. She was so happy!

 This course was essentially a loop through UF's campus and the finish line was a mere 1000 meters from the start, so I got off really easy in my first spectating job. Operation stay-in-the-same-spot commence!

A mere 17 minutes later the winner came flying by.

And then at ~29 minutes into the race a familiar couple came into sight.

 Christine really powered through the finish line and accomplished her goal of finishing under 30 minutes with a time of 29:56! I'm so proud and totally inspired to pick up my own running game!

Just over 10 minutes later Anni came into sight, making that nasty little hill up to the finish look like cake!


Anni, celebrating her super awesome finish! What an amazing first 5k!

Christine, myself and Ross. Hungry for that breakfast! 

 Mission accomplished! Thanks 43rd Street Deli!

My first spectator experience earns a score of "super!" Just another letter S to add to the day!

Love to all,
~the science-y spectator gal, Jess

PS. Speaking of signs, check out what my Mom snuck down to hang up in my apartment, since she couldn't make it down for my first 1/2 marathon in person. So sweet!


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Jess - - You are a riot! I so enjoy the blog posts you do. You always make me laugh!
Love, Mom

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