Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bookworms UNITE!

Hello loves,

I had planned on doing a butt-load of reviews for you today of the fab books I've had my nose stuck in recently, but as I was perusing the 3 week stack of local newspapers that had accumulated under my nightstand I ran across an article that made my blood turn cold and then rocket sky high (pressure wise, that is)

"Library in Jeopardy of Closing"

Um, WHAT? Who on earth would close a library? Especially in this crazy American world where we are obsessed with literacy and yet I have 11th graders who cannot read. Oh, don't get me wrong....they can say fact they love to "read" aloud to me from the text, but they don't get a single blimey word they so proudly spit out (ignoring all the punctual pauses too, ack!). So again I ask WHY would anyone close our beloved libraries? The place where this rural gal made her first friends because I was "too smart" for pre-k! The place where I discovered a love for adventure, food and fiction? A place filled with smart, kind librarians who always smile and give you those yummy soft peppermints. A place that smells amazing (come on, you know books smell sooooo good, don't be shy). Oh and if we are going to get all 21st century, the place where underprivileged individuals can log onto the internet in this increasingly virtual world.

Why? Well, money of course. Apparently the brilliant and so "with it" people running our state up in Tally had a meeting: (from the article: GCJ 03/18/10)

"...appropriation committees in the Florida House and Senate are now trying to eliminate all funding for Florida's State Aid to Public Libraries program. Not only would this loss of funding severely weaken libraries ability to serve citizens but it would also mean the closing of library branches throughout the state."

Ya think? The library this article was focused on is the one right across from the high school I teach at. And until about 3 years ago it was the only public library in our whole county. Not only did I grow up there, as my Mom was a chair person on the Friends of the Library program for years, I see my students flood over to it each day after the bell rings. Libraries are essential to all neighborhoods and I am incensed that our political leaders could so carelessly purpose such a removal of funding.

If the United States of American wants to be one of the world's leaders we need SMART LEADERS, and since our current ones are not doing the best job we need the tools to produce new leaders, aka our students. So please, keep cutting the funding to libraries, remove the arts from schools, just go right ahead and sabotage the future of our country, you will be dead in 15 years anyways, Mr. Careless Congressman.

If you are concerned about this issue please write (or email) to your congressmen, house reps or even the Governor himself: Charlie Crist. Links here.

Love to all,
~the book-lover herself, Jess


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