Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break Eats.....

I was chatting with a friend last night and I said as much as I LOVED visiting with my college roomies down in WPB for Spring Break I ate like crap! She was shocked, and replied, "There are such good places to eat at down there." Correct you are, my friend....but us roomies tend to act like the college gals we were just a mere 2 years ago (still in shock about that a little! TWO YEARS?! We are getting OLD!), so mostly I ate granola out of the bag, Publix subs, chocolate chip cookies and brownies and hot dogs and a lot of Bud Select/Bud Light/PBR (yes, I drink "crap beer" sometimes too, deal with it!). But a little "good food" snuck it's way into my "college vacation." Check it out:

Us 211 gals love Martinis, so Happy Hour at Blue of City Place was our First Stop!

There was actually good light, so I finally took some pictures....I typically get the same thing at Blue, so enjoy!

Dirty Gin Martini with Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives (so I like things salty, ok?)

Snackies:The Best Fruit and Cheese Plater around....I get this every time, the cheese blend is so amazing, especially with apple slices. I think they laced it with crack, personally, which would explain my addiction. Tasty, garlicky, Bruschetta!

We also hit up this cute little Greek restaurant, next to Ms. Susan's Shop after getting our hair did.

I got the Spanakopita Lunch Special which included:

A yummy Greek Salad with a Dolmade (stuffed grape leaf)

Pitas with Taziki Sauce for Dipping
(this was for the table to share- we all got lunch specials- the girls snagged a few pitas before I took the picture!)

And a HUGE "Spinach Pie" that I barely put a dent it.
It was very spinach packed, and lighter on the cheese than many other versions, which I really enjoyed!

Plus a "side" of beautiful weather, which we took advantage of by dinning at one of the sidewalk tables.
Now, what would a spring break post be without some fun "clubbing" pictures!
Love to all,
~The Spring Break Junkie, Jess


Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

1. You look fabulous and I am LOVING the purple tights!

2. Dirty martinis are just about the only thing outside of wine and champagne that I'll drink- especially with those huge olives- YUM. Love the idea of a savory drink.

3. Happy late Easter and looks like you had a great fair week that didn't include cow crap on your shoes ;)


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