Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hi guys!

Sorry for the silly title....I call my dog Chubby-Wubbie (his name is Chubby Checkers!) and well, if the shoe fits, use it as a title! *shrugs*

And let me tell you after my last night out at Stubbies, when I woke up the next morning I was feeling a bit Wubbie, if you will. Not horridly hungover mind you, just that "I hate you bitch feeling" radiating from my wobbly legs and throbbing head. Nothing a spinning classes couldn't fix....if I had made it to the class. Whoopsie!

So, let's recap the lovely brews that bruised my liver! (haha, brews-bruised, get it, get it? moving on...)
I've finally pinpointed that I'm really into sour beers as of when I was hemming and hawing over what I wanted, I finally just confessed to Vinny (one of the fab bartenders) about the sour streak and of course he recommended the Duchess- which is my FAVORITE beer, and of course I've already had on my list and can't have a repeat. But the Duchess has a "relative" if you will, the Vichtenaar. And wow am I a fan of this Flemish Red as well! It has that same balsamic vinegar sting, but with out the apple sweetness of his lady friend. Crisp and refreshing and a fabulous way to start the night!

In search for more sour Vinny brought me this Japanese beer called Red Rice next. I love the cute owl on the label and the bottle cap, but I wasn't enamored with this one. I couldn't even taste the sour, even though the girls I was out with said they could. Oh well, you can't taste 'em all!
With my sour adventures gone, well, sour I turned to other inspiration and went with Rogue's American Amber Ale (AAA anyone?). I really enjoyed the seasonal Amber at BJ's a few weeks ago and heck, who doesn't love a product by Rouge? Lovely beer, a smidgen hoppy for my personal palette but hell, after 2 beers the third flows right down.

Now usually I like to end my night with something dark and smooth or fruity (and there will be no TWSS jokes here, because neither of those come to my bedroom thank you very much!) but as you can probably tell the above is neither as well and we weren't even drinking in my bedroom! This beer my lovelies was the Sweetwater IPA....and yes, you are right, I don't like hops too much, so I typically do not enjoy IPAs either, or at all if we are being honest, and of course I am! But then again, when has Sweetwater ever done anything wrong in my book? Really. This IPA was light, fresh and packed with a tangy grapefruit flavors. In short I loved it.

Sadly, my head the next morning didn't love my 4th choice of beer so much, nor did my tummy enjoy the microwaved Moe's Queso either, but that's another story, best NOT told on a supposed food and fitness blog that has been dominated by beer for the last 7 months or so, but really who's keeping track of these things?

What better way to fix a Stubbie-Wubbie head and body than with an amazing brunch. Hello 43rd Street Dinner to the rescue!

Veggie Hashbrowns with 2 eggs over easy, dry rye toast I only nibbled on and of course a giant sweet potato pancake that I grudgingly shared with Ross and Christine! Just kidding of course I shared this beast and with good reason, considering the waitress split the bill wrong and put it on their tab. Thanks guys, you rock!

I will be ordering this again, no doubt...all my favorite foods and I can drench it in ketchup and hot sauce too? I just died and went to heaven. And the best news? My hangover died and went to hell after that meal, leaving me feeling oh so fine! (come on, you know that a hangover would only come from such a place as hell, right? haha).

Love to all,
~the surprise IPA drinker, Jess


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