Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cooking in the Abarnment

It's official! I am an abarnment dweller (errr, rather I have been since last Saturday! whoops-I warned you I would be slacking on the bloggie scene this week!)

I'm really digging having my very own space again, and busting out my "things" from storage-it's amazing how having your own art, pictures, textiles and of course magnets (I have a thing for funky/cute/cool/unique/etc. magnets) can put your soul at ease.

Even more soothing? Cooking my own meals, my way. Now admittedly nothing has been super creative this week cause A-I'm busting my arse with 3.5 preps at school and over stocked classes means shitloads of papers to grade and B-I had to do my grocery shopping at the dreaded Walmart after a holiday weekend, but I'm happy with the results thus far.

These innocent ingredients

Had a lovely little interlude with George (Foreman that is)

And this lovely little baby arrived.

Hello heaven: Deli ham, Jarlsberg Swiss, roasted red peppers, spinach and my new obsession: Grey Poupon on whole wheat.

Simple, delicious, and a perfect "I love summer time but I'm pretty much ready for fall" transition meal.

Love to all,
~the oh so glad to be "home" gal, Jess


Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

Yum!! When are you going to make me something yummy like this? haha!

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