Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Veggie Mess!

Medieval torture device?

Nope! Just a fun way to turn these veggies......

Into curly, messy veggies! 

Actually, my spiffy spiralizer, only turned the zucchini into veggie noddles. My carrots and parnsips were too small to make anything beyond crappy little half circles. So I ended up shredding the shit out of them with my potato peeler. 

Oh, PS. my inspiration to finally bust out the curly-whirly that I've had for nearly a year and had yet to make anything beyond curly sweet potato fries, was this post by Ashley and Steven over at (never home)maker.

I dressed up my crazy veggie noddleish things, plus some button mushrooms and broccoli with these lovelies, as per the equally lovely couple of (never home) maker.

I got a little preoccupied while shredding the carrot and parsnip, and didn't take anymore "in the works" pictures, but I'm sure you can imagine how it went down. Cut, saute, wisk, stir, toss, ya know.

I'm not going to lie, as I was throwing this meal together I was starting to have my doubts and was already considered an alternative, holy crap I'm really hungry, meal, but.....

This was so delicious and fresh! I ended up using the whole can of coconut milk and of course didn't measure the spices....but I never do. If you make this yourself, please don't skip the drizzle of maple syrup and soy sauce on the top, that really brought it all together. I was missing that "chew" of either protein or real noddles, so I made some garlic toast on the side. YUM. I think I might add some tofu next time, but this was a real success.

Operation cook more "new" meals is off and running! 

Love to all,
~the I can spiral my veggies and eat them too gal, Jess

PS. How funny are the "bones" that come out of the spiralizer? 


Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

haha! that thing is nifty!! For some reason I am only imagining really bad foods that I could make with it! =p

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