Thursday, September 30, 2010

T-T-T-Tip on the Tightrope.....

Is anyone else as obsessed with Janelle Monae as me? I saw her over the summer and have just been in l.o.v.e since.

Something else I'm in love with is my rice cooker!

So I've been embracing more rice related foods, such as T-T-T-Teriyaki.

Pineapple Shrimp terikayi to be exact.
Saute, baby, saute. 
(That is pineapple, red bell pepper and some garlic- of course!)

Add the shrimp and sauce and bubble for a minute or two.
(I used a jarred sauce from the organic section in Publix)

Served upon a bed of mixed greens and jasmine rice. 

This was super tasty, not to mention quick and easy since I used a pre-made sauce. I had actually marinated the shrimp over night in the sauce, hence the plastic ware in the first picture (what? don't you all prop your fruits and vegetables on top of a plastic box? sheesh.) and it upped the salty factor just a little too much, so I wouldn't recommend that. You know, cause I know you are so inspired by my meals that you always copy them. Right.

Love to all,
~the "damn I wish I could dance like Janelle" gal, Jess


Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

um, yum! that looks delish!!! =) we need to get busy planning that dinner party!!!

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