Monday, September 13, 2010

Final DC Thoughts

So obviously I really enjoyed my trip to DC, since I have turned it into a honest to goodness blog mini-series that has spanned nearly a month since my trip-wow! So to wrap things up lets go on a walking tour of DC....just appealing buildings and my thoughts.....

One of the things I loved the most about DC was the architecture, specifically the mix of old and new. Honestly, I could have just walked around drooling over all the buildings my entire trip....I think I manged to wipe my mouth most of the time. Becca explained to me that one of the reasons all the differing styles of architecture blend so well is they are all relatively the same height- the building restriction is around 12 stories high, which allows the Washington Monument to remain the focal point in the city.

The other major thing that had me ready to pack up and move to the Nation's Cap is the green lifestyle. I love this is a city you can truly live in without a car. Even my beloved ATL, which has a metro system, is really too sprawling to get around in without a car most of the time. While the "on foot in flats" transportation system is a major pro in my book, it would be a HUGE lifestyle change for me if I do make the move in the near future. I've always loved the independence a car gives, but heaven knows my carbon footprint isn't that cute, even though having my sweet little Chloe the Civic helps.

Something else I found in DC that I wasn't really expecting was a fun, hip, liberal young professional scene. Of course my hostess is a fun, young, hip professional, so what else would I expect? Still I guess I was afraid that DC would be full of stuffy Senators and their overly puffed up wives, but what I saw was very chill but with a funky edge that was very appealing.

See, good Ol Benny likes the funky edge, too!

All 3 of the above photos are the Environmental Protection Agency, although it took me a while to realize what I was marveling at. I guess that is fact number four about DC that I'm falling for; I love the feeling I got from walking past a building and thinking, "I think this is really important" and then realizing, um yeah, that is the EPA.

Or the IRS! Who would think the Internal Revenue System to be so grand? I'm used to thinking of it as a dim, dull little 1980's building with yellowing walls. A tinge wrong, eh?

The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception on where Becca and I attended mass on Sunday morning. It is a breath taking church with so many beautiful side shrines and chapels, but I wouldn't enjoy attending mass there every week-much to formal and impersonal in my taste, that that's coming from the girl who thinks that church is very personal and intimate thing.

Speaking of churches, I took a picture of this one, just a few blocks from the White House for Abigail, who has a thing for churches with red doors. The entire city is filled with lovely churches, just waiting to be explored on another visit, of course.

Goodbye for now DC: The Washington Monument with Jefferson in the foreground as taken from the plane on the taxiway.

Love to all,
~the "why does DC have to be so lovely and temping?" gal, Jess


Random Musings Of My Life said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved DC too... Also because of all the architecture as well..

And there is SO much to do!

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