Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Drink It Up, Coconut

In continuing with the season confusion, I'm going to tell you about a summer fruit inspired smoothie while it is 30 degrees outside and sleeting. (I told you Mother Nature was out of wack, I was sunning in a bikini over the weekend and now it's freezing again, literally).

Now, I'm not a big "smoothie" gal...and I don't really do frozen "girlie" drinks at the bar...but this quasi pina colada inspired smoothie really does the trick when lying poolside. Errr, pondside rather, since my pool is still closed for the season and has about 4 inches of rainwater and leaves floating on top of the cover. Sexy.

The real inspiration behind this smoothie was the contents of my fridge: one about to go bad banana, a peeled mango on it's last leg (well, if mangos had legs), some chopped pineapple leftover from prepping a bromelain enzyme lab for my biology brats wonderful science students and my beloved coconut milk (my pantry is never with out a can or two or four)

Peekaboo in the blender

Topped with a little lime zest for an extra touch of zing.

The end product was just the thing I needed in my glistening (a lady doesn't sweat) hand: light, bright and punchy with flavors. I'm a very picky banana eater, so the banana flavor was a touch strong for my personal taste, but I think a repeat of this combo with a 1/2 banana would be just right.

Love to all,
~the "I'm longing for my recipes, cravings and weather to match" gal, Jess

PS. the volume of fruit/coconut milk above makes two large smoothies


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