Thursday, March 31, 2011

Excuse me, I'm having a moment

I'm a pretty vocal person. I call 'em like I see em. I belt out songs in the car, possibly offkey. I actually talk back to the news programs and have started a bad habit of conversing with my audio books during my daily commute. Whoopsie. But one even "worse" vocal habit I have is moaning. And no, I'm referring to in bedroom, you wonderful little perverts.

No, I subconsciously moan, groan and even purr over my meals. And while that is a little embarrassing when out with new dinning partners, my friends and family think it's hysterical. They giggle, snicker and point saying, "Look out! Jess is having a moment again." 

Consider yourself warned then, the wonderful dinner I enjoyed with Stephanie at The Top was chock full of moments.

Staring with few bitingly hoppy moments alongside Swamphead's Stump Knocker.

I wasn't the only one having a moment at the dimly lit, eclectically decorated bar. It looks to me the lobster table pager was getting a pretty friendly with my beer as well.

Seated in the intimate and smokey dinning room sweet potato fries arrived at the table.

The garlic dipping sauce, Old Yeller and I certainly had a moment.

Then the pork bellied up to the table.

Szecuan pork belly with roasted mixed vegetables and gold fingerling potatoes.

Countless moments. I'm surprised my eyes aren't still rolled back in my head. Yes. It.was.that.good.

I'd never had pork belly before, it's not a common menu item at most of the restaurants I frequent, but with my new focus on animal proteins and fat this beautiful, neglected cut of pig was just screaming my name.  Chewy in the best way possible, rich with fat, but not greasy, and packed with flavors, this small portion was perfect in every way. Each bite was a never ending moment.

And just when you thought a meal couldn't be filled with yet another blissful moment, something on the drink menu caught my eye.

Handcrafted gin with hints of lavender? Yes please. The bartender suggested I enjoy the artisan liquor as a St. Reggis Gimlet.

 The perfect dessert. Every bright, icy, fragrant like a garden, sip made for a perfect moment.

This was a night chock full of memorable moments and was truly a meal worth sighing over.

Love to all,
~the "let's get vocal about food" gal, Jess


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I love a good piece of pork. And I love you and all your little moments!

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