Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Early St. Patrick's Day!

So, even though I'm mostly Irish descent, with the red tinged hair and suborn temperament to back it up, I've never really gotten into St. Patrick's Day. Oh I've had my fair share of green beer over the years, but for one reason or another I just don't get into the ONE Irish Holiday celebrated in the US. Go figure!

And, to continue with the irony, while I don't eat that much meat anymore I don't for see myself every doning the label of Vegiatarian either, since I do enjoy my fair share of meaty things...and one of those yearly meat treats is corned beef.

My family always makes a big pot of corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes to celebrate good ol' St. Patty and while I can take or leave the boiled dinner, I do love the leftovers transformed into a Ruben Sandwich (which may be a Russian thing? Yes? No? Whatever. Still kind of ironic).

So behold my annual homemade Ruben:It's a pretty standard one: homemade corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and 1000 Island Dressing, although I did opt for the fat free variety of the latter there, on Rye and pan griddled.
Plus some raw veggies, to balance out the salt over indulgence. It's all about moderation, right?....haha, right. Me, a moderate individual....dreamers.

I guess this will just be a quick and dirty post, since I have no Leprechaun Shenanigans to tell you about. I did have a GREAT weekend, and have lots to share, including a little video from the Fall of Troy show, but I'm still learning how to play nicely with imovie...so that may come along later this week.

Love to all,
~the ho-hum Irish Lassie, Jess


Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

That looks so yum- I'm impressed with your nightly food adventures! I feel like weeknights can be such a wash and I usually end up with raisin bran or spaghetti (CARBS).

So you're Irish? My boyfriend is straight-off-the-boat and I have loved getting the chance to learn about his culture. He would love if I would break this out one night!

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