Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hold on to your Bottlecaps....

.....this is going to be a beer laden post. Not only do I have TWO Stubbies nights to fill you in on, I also did a home tasting too!

First up, a "mini" night at Stubbies. I knew I wanted to crash in my own bed that night (I usually stay with Christine after going out, since I live about an hour away from downtown. Plus no one wants to consider a DUI- much less a teacher, yipes!) but I still wanted to go out and get my brews on.

I was pumped to see Sweetwater's "Happy Ending" on draft, so I know you will be shocked to hear that this unofficial "Sweetwater Girl" (I actually applied to be the Gville rep this summer, but I didn't get it, probably for the best....I get away with a lot at school already, but a beer rep teacher might be really pushing the envelope! Le sigh.)

In case you didn't believe me, here is the tap handle for proof! haha.
This dark, inky baby with a creamy head is a wild spin off on an Imperial Stout, like only Sweetwater could produce. Smooth and chocolately to start with a bitter bite on the back. Not exactly my idea of a "happy ending" but you know I'm not a hops kinda gal. Still a very enjoyable beer and one I would gladly order again. This is one of the "catch and release" series, so be sure to grab it while you can! PS. It's being released more and more often, due to popularity, fyi.

I ended up staying with my Stubbie Loves for a little longer than expected led me to order a beer than had been eyeing me for a while. (We have claimed a "usual" spot at the little bar that happens to be right in front of the seasonal case, which still holds some "winter stuff". PS I love that I have a bar with a "usual spot" and that I'm on a first name basis with all the staff including the owner. It's the little things in life! ahhhh.)

Santa's Champeau- which just like the other Champeau's is a lambic with a sour finish. This is loaded with both citrus and date flavors, and while a bit strange upon the first sip, I was totally smitten by the end of the bottle. Strange floating chunks, be darned. (No seriously, I've never experience such large debris in a beer before- a little off putting, but still tasty).

A large glass of water and a 7-11 coffee had me home at a somewhat late hour, but safe and happy in my own bed! Mission accomplished.

After a mini night and a few weekends away from Gville I was in NEED of a true Stubbies night. Sit back, relax and drool.....

First up from the draft board:

Einbecker Winter Bock. Tasty, malty, smooth and oh so drinkable. Just like anything "bock" should be!
Second: Fort Collins Brown Bevvie. While Vinnie, one of the bartenders, only gave this draft a so-so review I really enjoyed it. I guess that means I enjoy "average brown ales?" Regardless I enjoyed sipping this sweet, nutty brown ale, whose taste profile got more complex as it warmed. This Bevvie or Bowie (as in David Bowie) as I kept calling it has redeemed Fort Collin in my book after the disappointing "chocolate stout" experience back in February.

After 2 drafts all the pretty labels in the seasonal case were just temping me on their sexy little bottles (yes, we had "our seats" again- this nice guy gave up his stool and then found us another, I didn't even have to ask! See why Stubbies rocks? I get what I want! hehe).

Who am I to turn down a pretty little Dogfish Head creation? Oh man this Festina Peche was great! Sour yet smooth. Like some sort of peach lemonade on hopy acid. LOVE. I will totally be seeking this out to have poolside all summer. It's that kind of crazy beer. Makes me happy just typing about it!

So, after that random trio I was in a real pickle. I couldn't go back dark after that Dogfish, but I didn't really want something crazy sweet. Steve to the rescue. He listened to me rattle off what I'd had and what I didn't want and then just like the magical man he is, disappeared only for a moment to return with this HOSS.

Hoss Rye Lager by The Great Divide. Sadly I lost my notes on this one, but I know it went right now. Also, I've been eying a Raspberry Ale by the same brewer, so I'm pumped to try it next time after success with the HOSS. (Come on, you know that is just too much fun NOT to say!)

Last but not least, a little Sunday brew-ha-ha. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into with this Holy Grail (bah-hah!) since I put it in my sampler pack based soley on the labeling. (Yes, I choose books based on their covers too. Notice! I said "choose" not judge!)

I needed not worry. This Ale rocked my socks! I mean, who can go wrong after all with a brew "tempered over burning witches"? I'm not sure how that translates to the smooth, amber colored, malt dominate beer that I so gladly consumed, but hey Monty-I'll go with it!

Ok, ok so it wasn't a real tasting, I just opened the last bottle of my ABC sampler pack to enjoy with my lunch today and wanted to share my thoughts. And I like to build up to the not-so-climate-release of disapointment. So there. You win some you lose some right? And let down by my post or no, this beer will not leave you hanging.

I think that is enough beer talk for one night. I'm on "fair break" this week (it's like spring break, instead it revolves around steer showing and Easter, but we get another spring break in April, so it's all gravy at the GCSD!) and since I don't show Steer or Hogs or any other living creature I will be meeting up with my other bossy (read: amazing) teaching girlfriends-who are also my beloved college roomies- for some fun in the sun WBP style. Harvey is coming along for the trip (that is my computer, if you are new to the Semi-Abnormal life-HI!, btw) so I may or may not be blogging. If I am it will probably be reruns, so if you want to set your DVR, er....Google Reader instead I'll understand.

Happy Spring has kinda Sprung!
Love to all,
~A beer tastic, Jess


Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

monty python holy grail ale was the 1st on my list i believe-- and will be one of the 1st i re-drink after the 100 are done!

Jess said... Best Blogger Tips

yay! You you!

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