Friday, May 28, 2010

2 Awesome Gifts

Happy Friday, Ya'll!

So, my Mummy surprised me at work today. She said that she was going to be at the County Office (right by my school) and wanted to drop some "supplies" off with me for my classroom. And then she waltzed in with this lovely little surprise:

A celebratory "margarita" for a pretty great first year teaching, and more importantly- celebrating that I have been rehired to teach science to the little darlings at "your friendly high school" again next year! Whoot.

And then things got even better when I got home and there was a package from my lovely "pen pal" containing this treat:

My soul sister was on a road trip in Austin, Texas and saw this nifty notepad and KNEW I couldn't live without it. She was totally right obviously....and of course I had to test it out with a little happy hour of my own.

While ABC Liquors doesn't always have the most spectacular of beer selections, the do a nice little "make your own 6 pack" dealio that I enjoy. Both of the beers I so expertly analyzed and "rated" with the aid of my handy little notepad


After- I must be honest though: this was a practice round, I love me some Wild Blue, it's sweet and strong....kind like me. teehehe. :) Well, and really, who doesn't love a 8% Blueberry Lager?

Next up was a new one:

Brooklyn Brown Ale by the Brooklyn Brewing Company, 5.8%. This is not the standard Brown Ale, and I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Brown Ales are typically malty and smooth. This was hoppy, with notes of bitter chocolate. Tasty, but wouldn't satisfy a true brown craving.

Love to all,
~the really empowered now beer snob, Jess


Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

Well I must say your Mom's flower-rita wins the gift contest (so cute) but I'm glad you're liking the beer-rating tools!

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