Friday, May 7, 2010

That's the night.....

.....the lights went out in Georgia.....errrr, Stubbies?

So, I had very high expectations for Friday night at Stubbies. See I hit number 40 on my list during my birthday outing and I'm at that point where I can see finishing this list slipping out of my fingers if I don't buckle down. How ironic is that? buckling down to drink beers? How crazy am I? Regardless of my sanity levels I really wanted to knock 3, if not 4, beers off my list.

And yes, it was UF's graduation weekend, and yes, it was chaos driving around town, but once Christine and I arrived at Stubbies, we were able to park ourselves in front of the bar on the new side and "tuck in for the night"....or so we thought.

Beer number one:
Sierra Nevada's 30th Anniversary Kritz and Ken Imperial Stout. I got this one on a whim, because a- I typically like SN products b- I liked the name and c- it was on the draft list.

the Kritz and Ken was a very tasty IS, with that dark chocolate stout flavor I'm coming to enjoy very much and a touch of maybe raspberry? I would get it again for sure!

And sure it was rain cats, dogs and UF graduates at this point, and maybe the lights flickered a time or two, but hell, it's Florida and it feels like summer already, so what's a thunderstorm to a great night out? Nothing, right?

2nd Beer:

Maredosous 10 Triple. To be perfectly honest I chose this beer because we were sitting in front of the Belgium cooler and I was intrigued by the upside down label. Turns out my bottle was just defectively labeled. But I'm still glad I got this Triple (which turned out to be 10% a/v! Yipes) that was very drinkable, if a touch bitter. The creaminess of it totally made up for the bitter though and I would recommend this one to anyone who likes Belgium beers!

So, I was 1/2 through the lovely Triple and contemplating my third beer choice when the lights flickered yet again, and then they went out! Out in that, "no bitches, I'm not coming back kind of way." Oh so tragic. We waited around for a while and I held flashlights for the bartenders, so they could run tabs before the computer backup died, but Christine convinced me that the lights were NOT coming back on, so we settled up (I felt sooooo bad for the boys- they must have run over 100 tabs on manual credit cards that night) and ran across a very flooded University Ave to the safety of the car, and power on at the townhouse.

It was fun being in the bar in the dark, but I'm bummed that I'm now "behind" on my list. And seeings how I've been under the weather all week, and am currently at Relay for Life (I'm auto posting) I am a tiny bit concerned I won't get to cross anything off my list this week! ahhhh!

Love to all,
~the slightly obsessive about this list thing, Jess


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