Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simply Soup

I know, I know....we are mere weeks from the official start of summer-and trust ME loves, it feels like summer down in here the Lovely Sunshine State already! Hello 92 degrees and 98% humidity, practicing stunting with my cheerleaders on the football field in dress pants!- but I LOVE soup. And I don't care what time of year it is, soup is my go to food.

Especially this little wonder:

But, come on....who really eats soup right out of the can, errrr, box? Not this gal. I NEED flavor profiles, so I turned plain old blended bnut squash with chicken stock into this:

Does that hit more of the note you were looking for? Well it does it for me, and if you want to play copycat-go on....flattery is the best complement or something, right?- it's beyond simple and I bet even the most basic foodie would have all the necessary ingredients, errrr, toppings in their respective fridge/pantry.

So, dump your boxed goodness in a bowl and heat. Then top with ~1/2 a cup of rinsed black beans, 1/8th of a Hass Avocado (even though I'm a Florida Gal, I'm loyal to my Cali 'Cados...shipping costs be damned-I'll offset with other local produce, ok?), a dollop of Greek Yogurt (I'm a Fage girl, 0 or 2% fyi) and lastly a few dashes of Cholula sauce. OH YUM.

Sided up with some garlic toast....love me some G-toast! :) Man, I'm not even hungry, but this post is making me crave soup and toast! Hope it has the same effect on you, since this is a very easy, "go to meal" that you could even pack up and take to work for lunch! Enjoy my fellow soup lovers!

Love to all,
~zeee zoup a holic, Jess


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

Oddly enough, I always eat more soup during the summer than I do during the winter. Maybe it has something to do with all of those summer thunderstorms...

lynn @ the actors diet said... Best Blogger Tips

i love dolling up a box of soup - in the summer it'll be all about the boxes cause i ain't slaving over a stove!

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