Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Down and Dirty Curry

So, as most of you know, I currently live with the 'rents ( and yes, I PAY rent, thank you very much) while the construction of my abarnment continues, which has made my cooking escapades a little more limited, as my parents aren't very adventurous eaters. But hidden opportunity stuck the other morning as my Mom flew out the door, calling over her shoulder that she would be later getting home and would I "do something with the leftover steak?" At first glance I wasn't excited about this prospect, even if it meant some alone time in the kitchen, as I'm not a steak lover anymore, especially not nearly week old steak.

As I thought over my options, stir fry-ugh, fajitas-bleh, pepper steak-lord no! It suddenly came to me! Curry!

So, I rushed home from work in a hurry (hehe) and started chopping.

I sauteed the zucchini lightly with some chopped onions, just to give it a touch of color and then introduced the star of the show to the pan:

I hadn't tried a prepared curry sauce before- usually I buy the paste and add my own coconut milk, but this was an impulse buy at Publix the other week, and it worked out great for my "down and dirty curry."

After bringing this sauce to a boil briefly (per the instructions on the bottle) I lowered the heat and tossed in the steak strips and green pepper and let the whole simple mess simmer on low for about 10 minutes while the brown rice I had started earlier finished cooking (why does brown rice have to take 45 minutes? Le sigh).

Served up over the rice, plus sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. Light, refreshing and delicious. Even with the steak- haha.

I honestly can't wait to make this again. The leftovers didn't last past lunch the next day! Oh, and my "no, I don't eat curry" parents? They loved it! hehe.

Love to all,
~the one curry conversion at at time, Jess

PS. Just fyi, I did doctor up the sauce with some hot chili paste and a sprinkle of sugar.


Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

uncle ben's "instant" brown rice- takes 10-12min and whole grain, supposedly!

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