Monday, May 10, 2010

Abarnment Update: I can see the light....

So, I had this really awesome video for you all, in addition to the following post, but in spite of my amazing Harvey (my super fabulous MacBook Pro luuuuuver) I still cannot post a damn video. Neither YouTube nor Blogger will upload my stupid 3 and a half minute tour in progress of the abarnment....but here is what I have in pictures for now. Suggestions? I have DSL so this really should NOT be an issue!

Moving are some photos from about a month ago:

Daddy installing the kitchen to love a man who can make a platform out of tractor!

Oh! Hi there Daddy!

Letting the light shine on what will eventually be my kitchen, yay!

Oh and speaking of light, I will be illuminated at night too, because baby I've got POWER!

The circuit breaker installed in what will be the wall of my bathroom/bedroom.

We actually have finished a lot more than is shown in these pictures (and I would love to share with you via my cute little video! grrrr):

all wiring: electrical, cable (tv) and phone
all wall insulation-complete by Mummy and yours truly!
99% of the dry wall (it looks like an apartment!)
1/2 of the bathroom pluming!

The to do list is still pretty lengthy though:

Finish the bathroom plumbing
Put in the last little bit of drywall- have to finish putting the plumbing in first
Patch and tape drywall
Run water lines
Run sewer lines (and install septic tank, etc)
Install flooring
Install all kitchen cabinets/counters
Install all kitchen appliances
Install bathroom- toilet and sink and fixtures
Finish all trim work/doors, etc

Phew! I'm hoping to move in this summer though! Very excite! :)

Love to all,
~the little construction apprentice, Jess


Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope it goes quickly for you- can't even say how GRAND it is to have your own kitchen. I'll skype in for the housewarming! xo

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