Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hi all,

Time for yet another Stubbies update! yay! I knocked off #43-45 (duh, as the post title gave away!) last Saturday night and my-my was it a delicious victory. The halfway point is looming! Whoot.

I started off the night with a pick from the draft list: the Fort Collins Dunkelweisse. It was so tasty I realized I hadn't taken a picture until one of the bar backs came to bus the table a little....I went for my camera to take a "this was so good I finished it-empty glass" picture only to realize I didn't have my camera! What? Minor freakout ensued....but luckily Christine had her camera that night, to the rest of these photos are courtesy of her.

Round Two was a beautiful brown ale-recommended by Mike. Love Mike! Nearly as much as I love brown ales....seriously I haven't had a brown ale I haven't liked yet!

This variation by Carolus, the Gouden Carolus Classic didn't disappoint either. Light, slightly sweet and very refreshing with a velvety mouth feel.

To finish off the night I had an organic wheat yeast beer that Christine and Liz had been raving about.

the Schnedier Edel-Weiss was a classic wheat beer, with a few surprises: citrus, cardamom and something peppery and a weird taste of bubblegum? Very tasty and very large.... 1/2 a liter!

See? A Jenna inspired "as big as my head" picture, which I LOVE! I've actually changed it to be my sidebar know, cause my blog is sooooo high tech and worth reading outside of Google Reader! haha.

Here are a few more Stubbies related photos that have been chilling on Christine's camera.

The Dynamic Duo!

The Beer Case on the German Side

The Creepy Nutcrackers that lurk on top of the beer case....this photo is solely for Christine!

Well, this wraps up yet another beer laden post...hope you enjoyed and are enjoying your weekend!

Love to all,
~the beer LOVER, Jess


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