Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Or rather I'm still alive.....

I've just been spending time with all these crazy kids and our homecoming hoopla....

See you sometime after Friday night and our Tiger Takedown of the Buffalos!
Love to all,
~ the "yes, homecoming week is one of my favorite parts of being a teacher" gal, Jess


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

You look adorable! Good to know we're both still alive. :)

Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

hey, you kinda look like one of the students. =) hehehe. i bet you get that alot!!

Jess said... Best Blogger Tips

Ambs- I do....especially when in costume and on spirit days when I wear my cheerleading jersey and bow. Yep....nametags are a blessing when you are only 7-8 years older than your students!

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