Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sushi House

Sushi. With my bestie. And a Groupon? Check it.

And a sushi cam? Come to Momma.

 Tokyo Sunrise: California roll wrapped with salmon accompanied with
       lightly cooked chopped crab, scallop, and spicy mayo sauce

Happy Sumo: avocado, cucumber, crab, tuna, salmon, cream cheese,
       and whole roll is fried tempura style.  Spicy Mayo, eel sauce, sesame topping.

 Rainbow : California roll topped with colorful fresh fish filets

Tiger Eye: Chopped Tuna wrapped with Calamari and drizzled with Ponzu Sauce and tempura flash fried.
Thanks to my $15 Groupon Jenna and I were able to get quite the spread. My favorite was surprisingly the Happy Sumo. I do love a great flavor profile that includes multiple fish, spicy sauce, avocado and cream cheese but tempura is NOT usually not my thing (well, except tempura veggies of course! hehe). I would gladly make make an execption to my anti-tempura stance again to enjoy that roll! 
I was really excited to try the riceless Tiger Eye roll, not because I dislike rice-quite the contrary!- but I LOVE calamari even more. However, neither Jenna nor I were fans of this roll; it has a very odd meaty quality that I don't associate with sushi and was oddly bland. Makes me a little gaggy just thinking about it and it was the only roll that we didn't demolish. 
Overall, I really enjoyed visiting Sushi House. It is a nice little gem, tucked away in a strip mall in front of the Florida Mall itself and I would greatly enjoy making habit of visiting it after a little H&M spree, since that is the only reason to drag me over to the "tourist" side of Otown. If you happen to be in the area yourself, and don't worry I won't judge why, check it out yourself!
Love to all,
~the sushi fiend, Jess 


Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

ah man, I really wish I liked sushi... i've tried numerous different kinds at different times and it just is not appealing to me... all of this looks so yummy and pretty though! =)

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