Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tantalizing Tempura

"I feel like fried veggies tonight, fried veggies tonight" was what my taste-buds were singing....

"Ahhh, another satisfying night at Chopstix" is what my brain and belly said at the end of this lovely meal:

Started the night off with a "drink-drink"-Pineapple Sake- So amazing! Must find this in a store...what a perfect summer night "toddy"

And then I satiated my craving for tempura vegetables. Chopstix surely has the best around....I even ate a carrot or two! (I'm not a huge carrot eater, fyi) The mushrooms are still the best, followed by broccoli and zucchini! (that ranking may or may not be identical to the order of my favorite vegetables....but really, who is keeping track here?)

But a girl cannot make a meal of flash fried veggies alone (or can she? I heard rumor of a tempura bento box.....maybe next time? hehe.) so I had the Panang Tofu Curry. As you can see it was loaded with tofu, but only had green peppers for the vegetable content.....I was a little sad, as I prefer my curry loaded with veggies....maybe the chef figured since I had consumed so many tempura style I didn't need any in my curry? Sadness.

No worries, I "vegged" up my leftovers the next day with Steph's leftover side of steamed vegetables that came with her chicken teriyaki! Now that's more like my kind of curry!

Love to all,
~the does anyone know a damn synonym for vegetable? gal, Jess


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